Could NOSTRADAMUS have predicted the appearance of cryptocurrencies?

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On December 14, 1503, he was born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in the south of France, who would later be known as the greatest psychic who has known the world until now, Michel de Nôtre-Dame

It has been 514 years since then, and rivers of ink have been used to write about Nostradamus, as you are generally known to this enigmatic character.

Epidemics, earthquakes, wars, floods, murders, droughts, battles and other, unfortunate events, are the topics that occupy the so-called prophecies revealed by this French doctor, theurgist and astrologer who, according to legend, had the power to know about anticipate upcoming events.

According to his scholars, North Korea, the United States and its president, Donald Trump, as well as Pope Francis, figure among the protagonists of the predictions of the Gallic prophet from the year 2018.

Earthquake and eruption

"Sun twenty of Taurus so strong earth trembles. The great theater full will ruin. The air, heaven and earth, darkened and disturbed, when the infidel, God and saints, will run, "the astrologer wrote in one of his quatrains. This fragment would refer to a supposed earthquake that would take place in the United States.

The catastrophe, believed to be triggered by the San Andreas fault, would occur on May 11. This, because the sign of Taurus begins on April 21, and from that date would have to count 20 days, resulting in May 11.

As if that were not enough, Nostradamus would also have predicted a new eruption of the Vesuvius volcano, in Italy, which would be the worst in history and would cause a huge loss of human life.


The death of the Pope

This has been one of the most commented prophecies in recent years. According to the scholars of these texts, Pope Francis would be the last leader of the Catholic Church, which would imply his imminent death.

In fact, in August 2014, the pontiff himself made some disturbing statements stating that he had "two or three years to live". "I try to think of my sins, of my mistakes, not to be proud, because I know it will last a short time. Two or three years. And then, to the House of the Father! "The Pope said at the time to AFP.

The twin towers

The French visionary is credited with having predicted, among other events, the great fire in London, which took place in 1966, or the attack on the Twin Towers, which occurred on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

In his 97th quatrain, Nostradamus writes: "From forty-five degrees, the sky will burn," referring to the angle at which the world observed descending, by television, one of the planes on its way to the towers. Then he writes: "In a moment, there will be a great flare that will subject them to an extreme test", alluding to the moment when the second ship crashes against the south tower of the World Trade Center, generating a gigantic fireball.

Also the Bitcoin

A few years ago, in 2015, one of his admirers, the user of Reddit viper2097, seems to have found in Nostradamus' quatrains what could be considered as the "Bitcoin Prophecy".

"Alas, how will we see a great nation with serious problems, and the holy law in complete ruin! Christianity (governed) through other laws, when a new source of gold and silver is discovered, "recites the prophet in verse 53 of his first century.

There is nothing better to find something than the desire to want to find it, so that Viper2097, whoever it is, linked this and other verses to elaborate what would be the talk between the crypto-phantasies and also enthusiasts of the astrologer.

As expressed by Brian Dunning, creator of the Skeptoid podcast:

"Ambiguous and erroneous translations, creative interpretations, falsifications, false accounts and secret codes contribute enormously to generating an enormous amount of theories that make the legend of Nostradamus bigger".

No more taxes

Another of the famous prophecies of Nostradamus is the one that, supposedly, says that "(...) taxes will be abolished. People will refuse to pay taxes to the king (...) ».

Your supporters may say that it was right, because the few real houses that remain in the world no longer charge taxes. In those days ordinary people were fleeced with taxes everywhere. They had to be paid to the king, to the lord of the land, to the count, to the marquis and to anyone who had him under his domination.

In fact, it was the abuse with taxes, one of the triggers of the great revolution that broke out in France, his native country, just over 200 years after he died.

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