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Captain Cooper, told the crewman: -It's time to return to Steem Light, enter the coordinates in the computer- the aircraft began to ascend from that crystalline ocean and headed towards the mother ship.

The gray clouds had dispersed, the sky of that planet, in a few hours it had turned blue, Cooper and the crew felt an indescribable stillness, in their thoughts, they have a doubt after finding the submerged monoliths, It would be a good idea to colonize the planet?

As they had gone down, so was the return, without problems. A few hundred meters away was the imposing spacecraft. The reconnaissance aircraft entered the bay, landing gently in the hangar.

Dr. Anderson, a science officer, watched as Cooper and his crew got off the aircraft, she was holding a holographic tablet, she would have to show the Captain, the images that the long-range sensors had obtained during the time he was outside, in his first exploration to the planet XDP-85713.

-Dr. Anderson, I bring you some images of the ocean floor that you must analyze- Cooper said with some emotion, she looked at him and smiled and replied: -Captain, I also have to show you some images of some mountains- they both kept thinking For a few moments.

Cooper wondered in his mind, will those images be more important than those of underwater monoliths? Dr. Anderson, manipulated the tablet and immediately projected a three-dimensional color image of mountains that resembled large snow-bordered stalagmites.


Digital art by @xpilar

-Doctor, which part of the planet are these images from? - Captain asked. She smiled again and said: -Boss, they are not from the planet, the images are from the second moon that orbits the planet- Wow, Cooper exclaimed with astonishment, he made a brief comment:

-I thought, let's solve the mystery of the monoliths, now I have a moon with frozen water, and if there is water, there is probably life too-

Dr. Anderson told the surprised captain, that so far, the long journey they took from Alfa Five, has a lot of potential and that many lives depend on the success of the exploration.

This story will continue...

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Original story by @janaveda

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