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I know a city called the Dragon City where its inhabitant grows daily in numbers and strength. It has a single ruler who is called Dragon. Whose words and laws rules over everything. He is supported by his subjects who varies in ranks and role. They assist him in reminding and guiding his citizens with the rules and culture of the land so as to prevent ills and vices from the land. If you go against this rule you either get banished or expelled. The king is strict but lenient, compassionate and indifferent not to forget he is rich and also a mystery. He lives in the shadow and only his loyal subject has seen him before. He is the heartbeat and also the chief guard of the city.

In this city we have no church but we have a pope @jlordc who is our shepherd for prayers and the priest for confessions. He is also an undercover agent sometimes, where he digs and source for truth. This city has a legend @legendchew who out of the goodness of his heart helps invest in the citizen's businesses and has a formidable friend called @geke. She is quiet a gentle lady, who gives and shows support to the citizens without creating awareness. Do you know the warrior dragon in the City is @afowalex, he laughs and plays and also informs the city of the happenings in the neighbouring town and in one way or the other contribute to the citizen's businesses.

Every city or town has its class of people, but this city has the coloured classes which are: The Green class, the Orange class, the yellow class(dragons) , the pink class(sharps) and Mee6. Mee6 helps the citizen to know their level in the city. The more you chat and level up the more your chances of winning gifts from the King. Here comes Julestar @julietisrael the songstar of the pink class and the Mee6 Queen. She loves listening to music and likes inviting @donefezy the nerd to her radio bout. When the Pakistan Princess walks by @xawi all guys bow to their feets. Because of her love for riddles and maths, she has gained the heart of @imbigdee the developer who builds sky scraping building for a living and @burlarj the man with no identity who has different birth certificate registered in his name.

When there is a fire outbreak the citizens knows that @udezee is the culprit and the only mouse @aneukpineung78 in the city helps in looking for escape route. Every city has a clown and in the Dragon city thay have @sparrowbernard the adopted son of @momogrow. He is the greatest antagonist to the pakistan princess @xawi and one of her suitors. Whenever you see the princess, you see @facttechz the confused ludo queen whose zeal for money made her befriend everyone. She is always dying and in need of love but trust the most gentleman around @rehan to come to her rescue. Then one day @winarobert came in form of a wolf to scare the citizens, it took the help of the city guard and the vodka man @segunreus to defeat and change him into a human form and he became one of the citizens. The city guard Segun who has a job that extends till the wee hours of the morning has the quiet pastor @stevenmoses a quiet neighbour to always help in watching his belongings while he is away. The city mouse whose pet name is Lagos @aneukpineung78 has a beautiful human friend called @ammyluv. She is fascinating and helps entertain the citizens with her riddles and crypto mind.

The city has unique beings like @sircork, @scrawly, @sammiegold, @assasin @abmakko, @ehisora, @andestra among many others. Who entertain and provide funtips/idea to make the city grow. Not to forget the ex ninja @ifeoluwa88 who was kicked out of the city because of her foolishness and her inability to read. She befriended a man named @mediahouseent the latest citizen whose job is to host shows on radio. The city is filled with loving, kind hearted and beautiful people, whose mission is to grow, survive, earn more money and also to educate each other while keeping and abiding the rules of the Dragon Kingdom.


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Oh my Ife.... This is a very beautiful peace... Did I scare you,awww I didn't mean to, I'm a gentle wolf and wolves drink vodka too...

Thanks for this piece Ife, it turned my frown upside down


Vodka! Nice. Happy gekes drink gin. 😉


Thanks geke the happy lady....


Thanks wina wina...


Just a little though, for the stomach sake 🍶🍶

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Haha 😂, The confused Ludo Queen! This's amazing, thanks!


Thanks Rare Whale😁😁😁

Wow I read the story from start to finish. It was epic.. How can I fire! be a culprit 😂
Well you did well in the narrating.
Along the line - they are few typos. Reread again.


Thanks fire....edited....thank you for pointing em out

I would have applauded you for your great right up but hell no! You just ruined my career, you didn't even spell my name well, how did I get here sef???? Lol anyway, you rock!!!! Nice write up... Am rating this.. 49/100...assuming you said something worth reading about me, you would have gotten 99/100...anyway write my username properly.. It is two r


Ahahahah....Mr Eagle....thanks for dropping by..uno i love u na

Awww! This is truly beautiful...I love everything about this post. Creativity at its peak. And yes, I agree to the characters attributed to the inhabitants of the City. I'm sure Mr Dragon will have a nice laugh reading this post.

Ife, the sweet soul of the city! Nice post


Aww thanks mama.....i appreciate this..

aww omg you nailed it ife 😍😘. now after reading this feeling more love for city seems we are living in Dragon's world😍😘 (heaven city) awesome gal you rocked 😘


Thanks my baby xawi....i love you muncho

Hahahaha. Ife. This is extremely entertaining and hilarious.
Very beautifully scripted.
The city is so much fun with all these amazing personalities.

Truth is, if you are not in the city, you are no where. 😂😂😂

This was a good and nice read ma'am.
I grinned all through from start to finish.

Cheers girl, you rock.


Thanks Julestar.....i appreciate and thanks again for dragging wafrica here



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You nailed the "developing part" and I love this piece. When can I develop a skyscraper for you and your future husband? @xawi is my baby and future wife.


😂😂😂😂thanks S.....

I'm not tagged in?


Aww sorry mousy mousy..edited now


Thanks Ife. 😎

Yep! Sounds about right. An undercover agent currently posing as a Pope lol

This is good. Waiting for a full story. This seems to be an introduction to a legendary story :)

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Ahhhhh...i will save that for another day

Well written Ife, I love it! 😉


Aww..Thank you soo much Wale.....

Seems like i am the last to read this. Wow, this is an awesome and amazing write up. You truly know your city and the people in it well. How i wish i am neoxian, I would have given you a 100% upvote for this. 😎


Awww..thanks babe..it is never too late

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She didn't even dedicate one paragraph to write about me? really? Its a nice write up but I am still not satisfied...


A paragraph wouldn't be enough, she should have used the whole post on you!


Maybe even 2 posts would do.

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Laugh my ass out