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RE: Keeping My Child out of Foster Care, Because I Grew up in This System That Really Doesn't Care!!

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Wow @markwhittam, what a courageous story to share with us all! Thank you so much for opening your heart to the world so that attention can be brought to this oh-too-important subject.

What they are doing with these 'laws' to 'protect' should be f*&%^ing criminal. I also saw many kids go through what we called 'the system' and even ended up dating a boy from a foster family in high school so I am familiar with the horrors you speak and completely 100% support you in your decision to run like hell from the people trying to take your baby!

I can't understand how we allow the states/government/powers that be to hold such leverage over us- I mean how can they just 'take' our kids away? Our system is not flawed, it's broken and I am so sorry to hear that its affecting you in this way but I am happy to hear your resilience and desire to fight back.

I'm following your journey my friend, as always, offering a sanctuary here and sending your family love!


Thank you @heart-to-heart for reading and replying to this post.

I feel it's a very important issue that is easy to overlook for many even though most of us are aware that it happens.

To answer your question on how do they have the power to take our children, we unwittingly give them this power when we register the birth of our children, to register something is the same as surrendering it.

It's the same when we register a car, once we register that car it becomes property of the state and we become the registered keeper of that car but whenever they feel like it they can come and tow 'their' car whenever they please for what ever reason they choose.

There are people now that are refusing to register the birth of their children, this has implications and can make it hard to travel but if everyone started to do it then they would have to admit defeat.

These are all part of the things I shall be shouting about in future posts.

Thank you for your offer of support and sanctuary.


Yes, I have debated the birth certificate issue myself and wondered if it would be worth it, despite the travel inconvenience (I guess we would call it)

You're right though, if more and more people do it and take a stand, they would have no choice but to change their policy however, I think so many people are just programmed into the way the system works that it might be a difficult task to upset it!

I encourage you to continue posting about these incredibly important issues (it goes without saying) that I am completely in your corner and would love to support you in any way I can <3 🤗

Yes @heart-to-heart I agree that the general population are too programmed to do anything about it. Most people are too busy working and watching games of thrones to understand what's really going on.

Thanks for the encouragement, I really want to raise this issue, I shall start off by really researching this matter so I can combine my personal experiences with hard evidence.

Thank you for all your support.


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