What does it feel like to be old and alone?

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Hi Steemias

This is a very complicated topic and I dont know how to start! I am still young and feel more comfortable to be alone. Free and have my time for myself. I feel that I want to be with my friends sometimes, but not all the time. Everyone of us has a different personality and a different character. Thats what make every human special in one way on an other.


Did you ever thought about being in trouble and nobody is there for you? Well some of us would say "We dont need people".
Not everyone of us is brave enough to face everything alone. Many people are dependent on other people from the day they were born. They couldnt figure out how to live as an independent person.


In the last years everything is changed in our lives. Our culture, our life style and our habits. Many elderly people live alone even they have families. They are left to struggle alone facing illness and loneliness. They become depressed and dissatisfied.
When they were young they had a partner and children. They used to do everything together. Shopping, eating and sharing the happy moments. One day they woke up to find themselves alone. The partner is dead and the children abandoned them. They start to struggle for survival. Read books, do gardening and cry alone in the darkness. Nobody is there for them. If someone visits them then only for one reason! To check if they are still OK!


Just imagine the scene: Being alone waiting for someone to call you. Come back to an empty house after shopping. Long days and night full of nightmares. Nothing matters any more and the meaning of life is not more the same.


Many families started to place aging family members in long-term care facilities, because they are unable to care for them. Some aging people prefer for many reasons to be placed in the long-term care facilities. The responsibility should be more on the families than the care system. But what if you dont have children! Or what if you have children who are only interested in having your inheritance!


As I said it is a very complicated topic. I was just reading a post written by @adsactly "Robotic Cats That Help the Elderly Reporting for Work!" and thats what made me imagine all that scene.
Thank you for reading and I am glad to know your opining :)

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Right now I am 59 years old. I was married, but she left to marry 3 other husbands after me. No kids. I have dated over the years, but no connection. I don't see myself as miserable. There are chores to do. Maybe I can get married again, but if that doesn't happen I am OK with it. I don't like going to the doctor. I actually think the medicines the doctor gives you is poison.

I read the Bible and look to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. The words of Jesus are a comfort to me. It keeps me living right.

If people get depressed then they have to look at what is depressing them. Aluminum is a neurotoxin. Did you know that the chemtrails sprayed on us have a lot of nano aluminum particulates? Also what about fluoride? When you put fluoride and aluminum together you can get really depressed. This makes a lot of money for the pharmaceuticals. I don't want to give any money to the pharmaceuticals.

It is good to know how to detox from these heavy metals. Take away the toxins and you will be less depressed.

Take away the toxins and you will live with more strength than people with a lot of toxins in their body.

There are a lot of lonely people out there. You see them in the store. Once I seen this guy at a department store looking like just bored.

He was buying a freezer and vegetables from Costco. We were both in line and he was behind me.

I turned around and told him I bought the same model of freezer a year earlier and told him it was a good freezer.

Well that man lightened up and we were talking until I had to give my membership card to the retail clerk.

If one is lonely, then reach out to lonely people as they are too shy to reach out first.

I also dont prefer to take medicines. As you said, they are poison. I know only about fluoride, but dont know how to get rid of it. I use the tap water and filter it alone in a clay jar :(
Unfortunately there are many people addicted to medicines and believe that only medication can help them.
You are absolutely right. We can always reach out to people and make connection. I love your comment. It can be a blog itself :) Thank you for reading!

One way to detox from aluminum and fluoride is to eat seaweed, fresh, dried or powdered. I buy an organic powdered kelp on Amazon.com. If you can't get any seaweed then you might try spirulina and chlorella. Also by taking a lot of vitamin C, like about 3000 mg a day or so would be good for detoxing. Also eating cilantro is good for getting rid of those heavy metals. Also you can make a lemon peel tea that is good for cleaning out toxins. It may be good to fast every now and then to let the organs clean it self out. Then you just have to watch out for all that processed food with who knows what are in it.

My mom has a Berkey gravity water filter. The are expensive though. I think she paid little over $300. That filter can filter out fluoride. I have a gravity filter too, but I don't think it can filter fluoride. We have to do the best we can with what we have to work with.

I grow my own food when I can. If I do go back to my comfort food, I take things that will counteract the ill effects of those comfort foods. I used to eat really unhealthy in my younger years and was always so sickly. Now days I hardly get sick at all.

Thanks for replying!

Have you written a particular post on this. Should I scroll search your archive, would I find more on this topic? 😇

Hi @simon62 let me know what part of these replies you are interested in and I will go through my blogs. Tell me what subjects you are interested in: divorce, chemtrails, detox from chemtrails, fluoride in the water and etc.

Then I will try to come up with some blogs that covered some of these subjects.


Detox from chemicals.
[email protected]
Thanks @david777111

This is something I think about a lot.

My partner and I decided a long time ago that we don't want kids. I can't with any confidence bring children into a world that faces such potentially devastating environmental issues... but while we have each other, there is that slight fear that we'll become 'grey orphans' - older people with no one to look after them. Instead we're working towards being able to look after ourselves, or being able to finance others to look after us. It's complex but I think it's for the best.

Yes it is very complicated. I think we should accept the fact that we need to take care about ourselves even if we have children. The future is full of surprises and you never know what happens :(

Exactly! Everyone gets so focused on giving their kids the best possible life they forget to look after themselves. Every though we've still got a long way to go until we retire, it's still something we think of often... hopefully Steem will help retirement in the future. I'll happy read and comment on posts when I'm 70...

Billions of people, billions of stories.

Thats true!

I guess I want to die before old and alone...

Dont say that and think about a better version. Very soon you will become a whale and have many people around you :)

It's indeed a very complicated an although important and serious. With my family we often visit a relative, an old woman living now in a home for dement people. She still knows us and when I see her face brighten up, when she sees us, it's worth the world to us. Last time she began to cry and said: "I was longing so bitterly to see you again." It made me cry as well....
Thanks to you for this wonderful post, dear Cleopatra.

You are really lucky! Many of them cant recognize their family members anymore when they see them. She must be missing you always. Visit her whenever you can :)

We'll do that! :)

It really is a very complicated issue because it generates many points of view, however being alone at that age makes them more vulnerable, at that age they become children again and they need us again. It is good that you have chosen that theme hopefully many of us will reflect about it. Hey you can also go through my blog and comment or vote on my last post. 😉

With pleasure :)

This is an interesting and simultaneously sad article. It's a shame to see old people who remain completely alone. But unfortunately some of these people may have been closed during their lifetime or paid attention only to themselves. But this is more an exception.
In my country there is no such thing as a "house of the priests", when relatives give their elderly grandfather or grandmother to institutions of maintenance for old people. Perhaps in such places they find peace. But the keyword is "possible."
Therefore, love your grandparents, fathers and mothers - they deserve your attention.
No robot will replace real human communication.

No robot can even replace a real cat! Some institutions are really nice and keep the aging people happy. Some people will move on with their life and some of them stay depressed when nobody visits them :(

Hello Hanen,
this is an interesting topic that draws on any sane human being's sympathies. The essence of creation was community. No one should be alone. I don't ever want to live alone. We all need people to rub off our ideas against, who will listen to us and who we will listen to. Even in elderly care homes, they are cared for by other people. No one should be alone.

Thats true. Nobody should be alone :)

Old and alone is a feeling I can't even imagine now

sometimes it is better not to think about it :)


Wanting to be on your own some times is not bad, there is need to reflect and think of life and also how to strategize.

But we must remember that no man is an island and we need to communicate with our friends, not just on the internet but in the physical.

Thats absolutely right :) Thank you for reading!

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I live in a village facility. I am over sixty and have my own problems, but I do recognise that the majority around here keep up appearances, but live very lovely lives. My next door neighbour also has cats and they are very friendly with me and with 100K, but one can tell from their reactions that however nice some oldies appear, they have bad inner spirit because the cats disperse and will not accept sweet-talk or even strokes from such. A lot of the elderly fear. Fear of death, of disability, and some of carers. So some can be very hard to know or be friends with. Some have given up trying anything, and some just ride public transport for various reasons, but my neighbour and I reckon because they cannot stand being alone, but are in their residence, so go out, but rarely talk to anyone else.
It is very sad, but often there is little they will allow anyone to do. Talking of cats and dogs and birds and such is an opener, sometimes.