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I'm happy to play this game! I was born in the late 50s and so childhood was the 60s. As adults my sisters and I are very lucky that besides the photographs, my dad had a 70mm camera given to him by his father-in-law, my grandfather. A few years back I edited all the movies together and music from the 60s and 70s. I cry every time I watch it.

For my first story, I am going to is a post from a year ago and it's a story that has gone down in family lore for over 50 years now. I did add some more to the story as first posted.

The Background

Thinking back on Easter when I was a kid, we had a string of Easters where my mother (I mean the Easter Bunny) got us a duckling. Below, I have the first Easter duckling on film for your viewing pleasure. In the film, there is my older sister and I am the younger one with chicken pox and such a chubbly bubbly tummy that my dress sticks straight out. Adorable ;-)

The Film of Duck #1

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the original of the movie clip on my computer. I think I put it on Youtube (pre-Dtube!) and now it isn't there, but here is my old post....please have a look at the video!

What happens to Ducklings when young children are not being supervised!

Duck sister put this duck into the sink. The sink was filled with water. She wanted to see the duck 'catch fish' (you know, put his head under and watch his tail wag above the water). Well, the duck just sat there. SO, she put Comet in the water to make it "blue, like lake water!". Since the duck still did nothing, she took its head and held it under the water "to catch fish!"....And that was the end of our first Easter Duck.

Duck #2...One year later on Easter we got another duck! My parents went out and I was carrying the duck around by its neck. I was 3 or 4. My older cousin told me to let go, and I wouldn't, so she held the duck by its feet, and well...a tug-of-war ensued. Hmmm...another dead duck.

Duck #3...I'll never know why, but the next Easter we got another duckling! This time we donated it to the Children's Zoo and would go visit it from time to time. Lucky Duck!

I really loved Ducks

Even though we had those 2 unfortunate duck-y events, I just loved ducks! Their soft down feathers were irrisistable! When an adult would ask me "What would you like to be when you grow up?" My answer, inevitably, was "A Duck!" I remember that adults would always laugh when I said this, and I just could not figure out why.

I loved ducks and somehow was not upset by the demise of ducks 1 and 2. As I got older I remember walking around the house with a long string pretending that the string was all my little baby ducks in a row. I would cluck and coo to them and talk to them. But my older sister was sometimes quite beastly....she would follow me and try to stomp on the string! I would get so mad!

Grown Up

My sisters and I still tell the story of the ducks to anyone who is willing to listen. And just recently my older sister sent me this hilarious true story of a little girl and her duck as told by Steve Hartmann of CBS. ENJOY!

PLEASE join in the fun of the Blockchain Memory Project! Here are the rules:

From @ericvancewalton:
Rules of Engagement
Share any significant memory you’d like to. Think about things that have shaped who you are or may be unique in some way. Think about memories you’d like your great-great-grandchildren to read write posts about these memories in your Steemit blog.

Use proper tags (see below)
Share a link to this post in all of your Blockchain Memory Project posts so others can find the rules.
Share your posts with your friends and family on external social media outlets (optional but encouraged).
The Key is in the Tags!
We want your memories to live on forever. We also want those memories to be searchable by those who might be looking for them in the future.

For this reason, I suggest the following tags for your first four - “Story Life Blog BlockchainMemoryProject”.

Your last tag should be very specific to what you’re writing about in your post, something that will help people who are searching for it on the internet.

Each month I will comb through the posts tagged with “BlockchainMemoryProject” and choose my favorites. The post owners will receive a surprise in their wallet...a portion of a monthly prize of 10 Steem! Note: all rules of engagement must be followed for your post to qualify.

Here is Eric's most recent memory post

Thanks for reading!!

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Great show, I like it!
I really like this post


Wow.. Amazing video i really so interesting in watching

excellent post dear friend @gardenlady, very emotional, I appreciate you have shared these stories of life,
Thank you very much for making known this new slogan created by our friend @ericvancewalton, almost certainly I will prepare something.
I wish you a beautiful weekend


Thankyou jlufer! You have a beautiful weekend as well and I look forward to a story!

Thanks for this lovely story. How I enjoy all those memory project posts.
Your story about the ducks is heartwarming. I am glad you didn't have nightmares about the dead ducks.
I do remember that my eldest son came home with a duckling one day. The duckling was all alone and he thought he saved it from a certain death.
He kept it in his room for a few days and let it swim in our bath. After a few days, we brought the duck to a ducks shelter center in Rotterdam. He agreed, because the duckling did in his room what ducklings do when they eat food:) He had to clean it himself!


that is so funny, because I don't remember where we kept the various ducks (a cage? a box?)- I can't imagine my mother putting up with duck poop anywhere in the house! Honestly, I don't think we had the ducks for very long before their eventual demise. Also, my mother hated birds!!

I really enjoyed the duck video, sorry to hear about the dead ducks, clearly, you and your sister could have used a little supervision.


At least the killing didn't become a pattern ;0)

Lol. I was reading that as a toy duck until the sink part. Yikes! Sad for the ducks but definitely a memory. It is awesome that you have video from your younger years. With blockchain, it can be immortalized.


I guess it was pretty unusual to get an actual live duck for easter! From what I recall- or from what my sister can recall- was that the local supermarket gave away ducklings right before easter. Sounds a bit crazy!

That's so nice to read thanks for sharing your experiences :)

Childhood memories are the best. So glad duck # 3 survived and that the others demise didn't traumatize you! Great post!


glad you enjoyed it. Yes, thank goodness for duck #3!

That's so nice to read thanks for sharing your experiences :)

cute.. amazing friendship bond between the girl and the duck😊

Good video