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Who explained to Jaya that this time has not been for the in-house family and nowadays mothers should be ready to be separated from the love of the son.
Mira Sikri. June 25, 2013

When I reached tea in the living room, I saw Jaya, Siddi crying and Lata Didi not keeping them quiet. For a few moments, the silence was simple, then asked, "What happened to Jaya Didi, Lata Didi?" What happened to them? ''

Waving tears to the tear, trying to laugh, Jaya didi said, "If nothing happened ... Lata touched the mind with love, I cried, sorry. I was told by Lata to take you here in an intimate atmosphere, but sometimes I do not even have much love. As soon as Lata took the name of Abhay that I ... ... he had started crying again.

'What happened to Abhay?' I now look at Lata Didi's eyes and asked only in the eyes. Jaya didi went to the bathroom to try to control her unaware of all this. Washing his mouth, he had tried it so that he started to feel comfortable or even, but it seemed that he would cry again.

"I do not understand whether to say or not, but do I hide? The thing is that Abhay wants to be separated from me, including his wife. "

"What is the matter of crying in it, Jaya Didi, it was supposed to be a day," I said.

"That was what I was convinced that both of us were sniffing this thing for so long," Lata was saying sister.

''How? You meet Achalas and Abhayas very intimately from the people, they are very nice to both of you come home to my friends, "Jaya didi said.

"Why would it hurt me to come to our house?" The problem is you, we do not. And then in front of the outsiders, it is time to collect a coin of their good fortune. From those who get the praise How beautiful, beautiful, hospitable, relaxed is your daughter in law Bhai, trouble is the people of the house, "I said.

"Jaya, this time has not been for the inclusive family. Whether there is a mother in the family name And then why are you frightened? The income of a professor is not low. If you retire after 5 years, then you will get a pension. Taking a maid, "Lata didi was explaining to her.

"Jaya Didi, what happens to be 2-3 years later, if it happens now then it is in your interest. Ever since Abhay is married, I see day after day as weak. I think, you remain within yourself within itself. Today's mother-in-law can not say anything to the elderly, they themselves get tired and dissolve. I think, it is good for you to separate from them, "I said.

'' Jaya, now it is not the time to tell that you son, son, I had a pipe for you so that you can become my black man in old age. We should not have any kind of expectations from the children ... "

"I do not expect anything," Jaya said, while cutting the talk of Lata in the middle, "I only want that they remain in front of me." To stay together, I had rejected 'readership' from Agra University. "

"Whatever happened is asleep, now you get yourself separated from them and prepare them for living alone. Nowadays mothers should be ready to be separated from the temptations of sons and be separated. I know, there is a lot of difference between saying and doing but mental preparation must be done. Exercise does not stand loneliness, especially we people who have a habit of writing. Then you have been alone in a way. With loneliness, your loneliness is cut off with Abhay, I can not believe it. Yes, the obligation was definitely on you. "

"The liability itself was right, he kept me busy. Having a full-fledged daily routine, someone needs me, I still feel it. Do not wear it, this loneliness will not bother me. "

"Everything will be all right, Jaya. Do not cool the tea. If you have a heart to cry, of course you should cry. "Lata didi said," Jai laughed, "That is why she came here that you will be able to get some good thinking from the people and get some confidence in her."

Jaya had been disfigured in the minds of her, because of Lata Didi and my efforts, she became uneventful and said to Lata Didi, "Come on, do not sit now anymore."

I also felt that they needed all the loneliness to co-ordinate, which they were saved from facing. I said, "Jaya didi, my husband is out nowadays, so whenever you want, come on me. I would love to come to you. If you wish, stay with me for 2-4 days. I am repeating again, you will be able to live in your own way when Abhay and Achala go away. We will also get more recognition when you come home. By now you have left your bedroom. "

Jaya had gone with Lata Didi, but I was still lost in them. Abhay has grown, it felt the same day. So sensible, he was already thinking of me. In those days he often came to me to read the Hindi subject.

One day he said, "Aunt, tell me something like that ..."

"In one night you will be able to read and pass it ... is not it?" While fulfilling the thing, I said, "But son, take your curriculum for a short time and read it completely."

There was no lack of expression in her. She had complete hold on literature. Difficulty came in the context of language.

'Aunt, if you do not pass this time, then your degree will not be available.'

"No, I have full faith that you will not pass Hindi, you will also get good marks."

"Oh, thanks aunt."


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