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If there was one thing Femi disliked greatly about modern fashion, it was the fixing of eyelashes by women. For him, it made women looked like cats. And cats were just not Femi's thing. He could deal with long nails, red lipstick, wigs, etc but not eyelashes.

It was, therefore, not surprising that Femi carefully settled for a conservative lady, Sarah. She was not the flamboyant, excessive make up-wearing lady. Just the perfect woman for Femi.

But a strange event happened on the day of their wedding, one that annoyed Femi for a few weeks. When the priest had concluded the marital vows before the cheering crowd, he said, "Young man, you may now kiss the bride."

Femi smiled. The golden moment had come. As he lifted the veil off the face of his bride, he noticed that her eyelashes were longer than usual. He paused momentarily. The new eyelashes were as long and sharp as the blades of a rake. Femi considered withdrawing his kiss but it was too late. So, he went ahead. Although he would get angry throughout the wedding reception, Sarah had had her way on the day it mattered most.

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Didn't he tell sarah about his "eyelashes" problem before? How can eyelashes stop the happiness and feeling of love for one time?

Nice story @gandhibaba 😉 keep steem it up


Thanks for your beautiful comment. You know humans can have weird personalities, sometimes. Femi would have told Sarah about it but maybe her friends convinced her to just try it out. Glad you find the story interesting.

It was a very important day for Sarah too.


Sure it was.

Hahahaha this is just me. I never liked eyelashes and i still do not like them but i may just have to fix it on my wedding day, i hope future husband would understand it is a special day. Beautiful one sir.


Good to see your comment, Zyzy. I hope you don't get to marry a Femi. Hahahaha. Well, he should and ought to understand. Thanks for stopping by.

Nice story- I am glad he marreid her because it is more than just the eyelashes. However, it is a pity that she thought she needed them on their wedding day.


Sure, it is a pity she had to arm-twist her husband. Women can be like that sometimes.