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The Story of O Bia Moloku and O Bia Mokara In the past, in the northern hemisphere of the Maluku archipelago there was an area called Tobelo. It is said that the blue-shrouded area holds an interesting story. Hundreds of years ago in a house with a humble leaf with a family.

His father was a fisherman who day and night life over the ocean, fighting his life to revive his wife's son. His mother was a faithful and very thoughtful housewife. They have two children. The eldest daughter of a daughter named O Bia Moloku. Her beauty exceeds her mother's beauty. While his younger brother named O Bia Mokara.

He is 1 year old, handsome and looks like his father. One day their father went to sea and as usual before their father left for the sea, do not forget the abandonment of food and pepperana fish eggs at home. A few days after his father's departure went to sea, his mother went to the garden. Before her mother left she told her two children, Hi my children, do not you eat the fish eggs your father left behind.

If you eat it will happen something that is not desired. Her mother said earnestly but they both just laughed. After her mother finished advising her mother went into the garden. Approximately three hours passed, his sister O Bia Mokara was hungry. He asked for food and fish eggs. His brother O Bia Moloku did not want to give his sister's request.

Her sister sobbed but O Bia Moloku still did not want to give the fish eggs. The longer the harder the cries of his sister. Finally O Bia Moloku could not bear to see his sister crying constantly and the fish eggs were immediately given to his sister. Laughing his sister ate the fish eggs with gusto.

After eating the egg until it runs out, some of the remaining fish eggs attached to his sister's teeth. Soon his mother returned from the garden with singkorig, papaya and vegetables. After finished cleaning his body, his mother was carrying O Bia Mokara and immediately breastfeeding the O Bia Mokara.

After that, her mother dengedenge (singing while dancing) while carrying O Bia Mokara who laughed happy because very happy to be in the arms of his mother is very coveted. But suddenly his mother's intimate swing was startled by the sight of fish eggs attached to the teeth O Bia Mokara. The atmosphere of joy soon turned into deep silence. His mother stunned for a moment, his whole body became cold shaking and angry at his two children.

Her mother's anger can not be reduced. He immediately released O Bia Mokara and immediately escaped along the coast. While carrying O Bia Mokara who cried, O Bia Moloku chased his mother while calling his mother. "Mama, mama," O Bia Mokara cried, "Mama!" However, his call was only answered by his mama.

"Just squeeze the leaves of the katang-katang, there is milk water!" After three times O Biao Moloku gave the milk from the leaves of the katang-katang to his sister, his mother was plunged into the sea. While diving he found a rock that arose on the surface of the water. Take her mother to the rock and say, "Be open so I can enter." The stone was opened, and her mother entered the stone. Immediately he shouted, "Close it." So the stone was closed forever without any trace. ~ "This story is a myth the community believes in. And this story also tells us to hear the advice or advice of the parents.

" ~ This is the song that the mother sang before it was swallowed "rock" Badaong stone, stone Open your mouth, explain beta 2x Make a beta live alone While the mother has tarada Life itself talalu hard Badaong stone, stone stems Open your mouth explain beta 2x Bamboo crocodile crocodile Ambon Island is one of the beautiful island in Indonesia. There is a blue sea filled with diverse fish. There are also fish that can fly to break the sea.

The marine park is full of various types of marine animals, making it more beautiful to the eye. In ancient times, the city of Ambon which lies on the peninsula of Lei Timur and the Lei Hitu peninsula is linked by a single precarious land called Tanah Genting Baguala.

In this place live a very big crocodile. The body length is about 5 meters and the color is yellow. Therefore, the people there gave him the name of the Copper Crocodile. The natural conditions in Baguala are so beautiful and comfortable, making the Copper Crocodile feel at home stay there. Moreover, the inhabitants adore the crocodile.

Not far from here, on the southern coast of Buru Island, there lived a large snake perched on a Mintaggor tree. The tree grows on the beach and always leaning toward the sea. The snake is always disturbing the peace of life of all residents of the place. Almost all the fish swallowed, crocodiles also participated dipangsanya as well.

Therefore, fish, crocodiles, and other animals gather to hold deliberations in order to overcome and eradicate the giant snake. Finally, they agreed that what could match the snake was the Copper Crocodile. After they finished deliberation they sent a messenger to meet Copper Crocodile. The goal is to ask for help in order to destroy the predatory snake. They then picked up Copper Crocodiles from Baguala Bay, while other fish and crocodiles were busy preparing a ceremony for Copper Crocodile.

Upon their arrival at Baguala Bay, Copper Crocodile granted their request and was willing to depart with the envoys to the southern coast of Buru Island. On arrival at Buru Island, Copper Crocodile was warmly welcomed in a lively ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the sea dwellers like sea snails, fish type, crocodiles, various kinds of seabirds. They had fun and had fun with Copper Crocodile for two days.

On the third day, the Copper Crocodile set out to perform his duties. He started walking, swam to and fro the enemy and approached the mintanggor tree where the giant snake resided. When the crocodile passed the tree, he passed the serpent. Instantly the snake directly wrapped its tail on the trunk of a megalgor tree and leaned out into the sea while bolt Crocodile Crocodile.

Pagutan snake was immediately deflected Crocodile Crocodile by wagging his hard and sharp tail. A warfare ensued between the two and this event was witnessed by all the inhabitants of the sea that was around the place. The fight lasted for more than a day. When the fight had been going on for two days, there were defining moments.

The serpent, as usual, wrapped his tail firmly on the megalgor tree trunk and bolted the crocodile's eyes. Crocodile was swiftly immediately evaded from the attack of the snake and replied with po * lun hard and fast. Then he shook his sharp tail toward the head of the giant snake.

This happens repeatedly. As a result, the snake was battered by a tail hit Copper Crocodile. His head was crushed, his tail loosened from the trunk of a megalgor tree and slammed into the sea. So the history of the giant snake had come to an end. The sea dwellers who witnessed it simultaneously cheered.

Thus, they have been free from the threat of the snake that had been haunting them. After the incident, Crocodile was awarded the title of Yang Dipertuan in the Bay of Baguala. The gift is dedicated to a tagala and filled with several types of fish such as machetes, make, papere, and salmaneti. Furthermore, Copper Crocodile was returned to his place of origin with the gift. Since then, the fish breed well in Baguala Bay. Until now, the type of fish was very much in the bay.

Even many believing inhabitants, especially those living around Bagela Bay that when the Copper Crocodile comes a sign of many fish coming. So people are getting ready to catch fish and sell them. The appearance of the Copper Crocodile brings luck to the people of Baguala.


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