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RE: Keeping My Child out of Foster Care, Because I Grew up in This System That Really Doesn't Care!!

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It is gut wrenching to see what is happening to the children, to families and to humanity. When will we ever learn? OMG!!!!!!

I hope your family is out of harm's way @markwhittam. It is horrible to be terrorized and hunted down by the people who supposedly work for you and who have been given the responsibility of looking out for our well being. We all know that is not what they're doing and not what their agenda is. Grateful there are more and more of us that see it and stand up to it. It's so scary as our most precious little beings are at such great risk.

Standing with you, sending loving energy, and doing our part to create a better world for us all. Thanks for the heads up and for continuing to raise the awareness. May you be blessed!!!

I also mentioned you in my most recent post. Grateful to know you!!


Thank you @everlove for reaching out to me on this subject, this is something that is so close to my heart for so many reasons.

My family and I are very happy and are starting to feel real freedom.
Thank you for all the love, positive energy and support you are sending our way, we appreciate it very much.

I will be in touch with you soon as I have an idea for something that could be beneficial to this community

Thanks for the mention in your wonderful post, I feel very honered.


I'm grateful to connect with like minds that make this Steemit experience that much richer. Standing up for freedom can be quite the challenge, especially when it involves the well-being of our families. Glad to see you are taking the steps to secure well-being and staying true to the path of love.

See you in Lisbon!!

Also gave you 100% and resteeming. There is so much to say about all of this, and yet so much more to do!!!