My First Visit To Montreal - Day Two

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It was great to hit the cobblestone streets of Montreal’s Old Port neighborhood after a good night’s rest. Our second day in Montreal was filled with sightseeing, good food, a haircut, and a little adventure.

I never imagined I could experience a city with such a European feel in North America. The thing that has struck me most about Montreal in the two full days we've been here is the openness of the people. They seem much more likely to initiate casual conversation than people do in America. It's also been a welcomed surprise to see noticeably less people with their heads buried in their phones while they're in public.

Travel, in my opinion, provides the best education you can possibly receive. When you experience different cultures face-to-face you quickly realize how similar we all are underneath the daily stresses and propaganda we all struggle with.

A couple of shots of our walkabout around the city.

I got a great cut by the owner of the Belgard barbershop. He’s been cutting hair almost exactly as long as I’ve been writing

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, built in 1771

While walking near the river we found a zipline platform and decided, on a whim, to take the plunge. We climbed almost eight stories worth of stairs and were connected to a steel cable four football fields' long. Dangling hundreds of feet above the water we flew at around eighteen miles and hour, taking in the sights of the city from a very different perspective.

Shots from eight stories above Old Port on the zipline platform

As night falls on Old Montreal and it only becomes more beautiful.

No, @dougkarr, I haven't tried poutine yet...tomorrow, I promise!

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love your captures of the old port! I live in Montreal and have yet to try the ziplining. For whatever reason, the zipline in the old port seems a lot more intense than other ziplines i've tried! haha


Thanks, I fell in love with the city. We’re planning on visiting again this year. It was intense! Especially the end, it was quite a jolt going from 30mph to a dead stop, fun though and worth every penny.

Wow.. Looks like you didn't waste your visit !!!
But why the helmets !? :D


We're definitely keeping busy! We wore the helmets during the ride on the zip line.


Oh.. Sorry. My bad. Should have figured it out. :p

great post! glad your enjoying your time in canada... really makes me miss montreal


Thanks, it's an incredible city. I'm going to miss it when I have to leave.

Looks like you had a really awesome visit.


It's been laid back (except for the zip line) but a lot of fun.

Excellent adventure, the sights of the city are impressive, the old architecture blends seamlessly with the modern, thanks for sharing @ericvancewalton


It certainly does blend very seamlessly. You're welcome!

Great post!!
Great photos!!
Great adventure!!

great job

I am glad you are enjoying Montreal. The province of Quebec has many gems. My husband and I spent a month travelling in Quebec. It is a different word. If you love Montreal, then you would also love Quebec city. Both the old and new.

I've never been in Montreal, but looks a nice place to visit! ^_^

It looks like You are having loads of fun 😉

you realy enjoyed yourself
All the views are realy lovly


Beautiful pictures of Montreal. I didn't realize how wonderful it is. I especially loved the street with the cobble stone/brick patterns and the lovely old buildings. It is always nice to see the old architecture designs of the past and how they have preserved its beauty. There are days when I think it might be nice to move to Canada. The people seem very nice and the country seems less political. Have a wonderful vacation with your close and dear friend. Have a nice Sunday!

I forgot how beautiful Montreal is!

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Wow, what a beautiful city. I didn't know there is so much to see in Montreal. Hope to get there on day!;-)

amazing place superb architecture all over with lovely views great clicks :)

These are a great capture of this beautiful city. I love travel pics. It makes me want to pick up and go there.

Sounds enjoyable. I saw someone else mentioned you might like visiting Quebec City as well since you've enjoyed Montreal. I can second that vote after spending 4 weeks in the Quebec City area in the fall. It's a great area for hiking, biking (both casual and MTB biking), coffee at Saint-Henri, ice ciders and more.

I had the chance to visit Montreal as well while I was in the province but only for a couple hours so you have one up on me in terms of Montreal experience.

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Zip-lining over a city?? I freaking LOVE the idea of that! Montreal has just made my must visit list, thank you for that great peek into your current adventure Eric :)


Hey @dreemit! The zipline was actually over the port in Montreal so we zipped mostly over water, about 8 stories above ground level. It was a huge rush!

I loved the post from the beginning to the end enjoy as much as you this walk, the images are amazing, very good the chronicle of the trip, thank you very much for sharing all this information and the beautiful postcards.
That you continue enjoying your stay dear friend @ericvancewalton