The Maya Legend of the Hummingbird

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The hummingbird is one of the most fascinating birds in the Mayan world, which is beautiful, light as a feather and with a subtle and fast movement. But just as beautiful is its story as a thought traveling through the wind.

The tale of the Hummingbird is a Mayan legend about the hummingbird or hummingbird. To them, their feathers were magical and mystical. The hummingbird was a very beautiful bird which had an order no less special than the bird itself.

The elders and wise men of the Maya say that the Gods created all things on Earth, and in so doing, each animal, each tree, and every stone asked for a job. But when they had finished, they noticed that no one was in charge of carrying their desires and thoughts from one place to another.

When they did not have mud or corn to make another animal, they decided to use a jade stone and with it they carved a very small arrow. When they finally finished, a divine breath on her and the little arrow came to life and that instant flew away. It was no longer a simple arrow, now had life, the gods had created a new animal that they called
X ts'unu'um, that is, the hummingbird.

The Hummingbird, who was born so fragile and light and beautiful that the hummingbird could approach the most delicate flowers without moving a single petal, its feathers glowed in the sun like drops of rain and reflected all the colors.
Because the hummingbird was very beautiful the men tried to catch it to adorn themselves with their feathers. The Gods, upon seeing him, were angry and said: 'If anyone dares to catch a hummingbird, he will be punished.' That is why no one has ever seen a hummingbird in a cage, nor in the hand of a man.

The Gods assigned that the hummingbird would carry a commission as subtle and light as that bird: that it would be that from that moment the hummingbird would be in charge of carrying the thoughts of men to and fro. So if you can ever observe a hummingbird probably someone sends you good wishes and love with their thoughts.

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