Bitcoin/Crypto with CreditCard 2 day frustration, but instructive

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Bitcoin was cheap again, i wanted to buy!

Simple task: buy some Bitcoin with a Mastercard.

Months ago i was using CEX.IO successfully to fund my account with €uro and buy #bitcoin in a right moment. But i was not fully satisfied because some euro and even BTC left on my account because of the Minimum Ƀ 0.01 withdrawal limit, and even the Ƀ 0.001 Fee is too high from my point of view.

CEX.IO and others are expensive, CoinMama and BitPanda is affordable

hard to find affordable CC2BTX solutions
I spent many hours on search engines, forums to find affordable and secure solutions to buy #cryptocurrencies with #creditcards and i ended up with these

  1. CEX.IO - nice interface, but rules are changed since last use, slow support, long verification process, minimum withdraw limits and high fees
  2. CoinMama - only BTC with EUR or USD, minimum amount is Ƀ 0.1, can be good, but not for me and not now.
  3. BitPanda - just BTC, ETH and LTC. Fast transactions, low fees, unsuccessful transactions for some people, but i stuck with both of the verification method

BitPanda one verification method is pending, other is blocked after many attempts BitPanda's first verification method is pending, second is blocked after many attempts

After asking around on some forums many people recommended the with great features, like

uphold CC funding unavailable
beautiful interface, unavailable service

The almost solution is VirWox

VirWox is leading independent exchange for trading virtual currencies (mostly Linden Dollars) developed for Second Life and many other online virtual worlds.
It's highly centralized, really hard to accept the TOS but many reddit post recommends VirWox to buy bitcoin with CreditCard and even with PayPal.
We need to change many currencies through many steps to buy bitcoin on VirWox, but finally i'we done:
funding Skrill with RON for 2.25%
funding my Skrill account easily with CreditCard (RON) for 2.25%

funding VirWox with euro trough Skrill
funding my VirWox account easily with Skrill in EUR

VirWox: changing euro to bitcoin and withdrawing it in 7 steps
changing EUR to BTC and withdrawing it in 7 steps with 0.33€ and 92.81 SLL loss

All in all with a 15 minute process i had my money exchanged to bitcoin and withdraw requested to external wallet. job done, I went to sleep.

Next day surprise

virwox account disabled
you can imagine what was crossing my mind

virwox: refund risk of indications refund to skrill done
but finally i found two email with refund notice
skrill refund 2-5 day and 7.6 percent fee
refunding in 2-5 day with 7.6% fee

The refund to my bank account needs 2-5 day and costs 7.6% of the amount it really is not worth it, so i need to spend more days to figure out what can i do with the amount on my Skrill account. :-(

And even I spent many time and energy writing this article, so i hope You learnt from it and You don't waste your time with these services like me.

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