UNPROVEN FINAL CHAPTER : "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

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If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected, decide what to be and GO BE IT
-The Avett brothers


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"Grayyy," Ary moaned as he pushed inside of her, his mouth finding her nipple and teasing it. He began to move, slowly at first, then picked up the rhythm, his hips pistoning until she was muffling her cries against his shoulder. His body went taut and he groaned into her hair as he spilled inside her.

She flopped back against the air mattress and he collapsed on top of her, the sleeping bag settling over them.

"You know, I've decided it's like making love in a giant sock," Grayson mused.

She giggled, "A very roomy sock."

"True, the first one we had was more sock-like."

She wrinkled her nose, "Yeah that was no good, we could barely move!"

There was a scratching on the side of the tent. "Hey, you decent in there?" Dori called.

"Uh...Hold on a minute."

"Seriously guys? What's this, the third time today?"

"Fourth," Grayson stated.

"Ugh, you two are nymphos."

"Careful, your green-eyed monster is showing," Grayson countered.

"Yeah, yeah, well hurry it up, you've got company."

They slid out of the giant bag and dressed quickly, emerging from the tent to find four people standing beside Dori, grins plastered on their faces.

"Four times?" Andie asked, "Really?"

"Hey, we've done it four times in a day," Grant said peevishly.

"Yeah, but I bet it isn't every day," Dori said, rolling her eyes.

Sonya giggled putting her arms around Tim, her prom-date turned boyfriend. "We got you beat," she declared. "Our record is five."

"Who said anything about a record?" Grayson asked, "Four is average."

"How do you stand it?" Andie asked Ary, eyeing Grayson.

"Stand it? I love it. And don't be mean, you two have been doing so well," Ary scolded.

Andie rolled her eyes, but smiled grudgingly.

Ary grinned and walked over to her friend, giving her a big hug, then turned to Sonya and did the same. "I'm so glad you guys finally made it!"

"It was a long-ass drive," Andie told her as they sat in chairs around the fire pit.

The guys were already busy getting it going, Grant and Grayson arguing about the best way to build it.

"Fifty-two hours, not including stops," Sonya chirped. "Did you know New York is three thousand miles from California?"

Andie, Ary, and Dori laughed in unison.

"So how's Nanna settling in?" Andie asked.

"Are you kidding?" Ary grinned. "She loves the condo, and Florida was made for her, it's a bridge, bingo, and shuffle boarding paradise."

"And don't forget line dancing!" Sonya exclaimed.

"In yellow polyester pants," Andie added, and they laughed in unison.

"What about Grayson's dad, how's he doing?" Andie inquired politely.

Dori and Ary exchanged a look. Andie and Sonya had no clue about his involvement in the fire. They only knew he'd been dead set against Grayson and Ary's relationship which was why they'd kept it a secret for so long, and that Grayson had finally thrown down the gauntlet- James could either accept it or Grayson would walk out of his life. And because he was dying he had no choice but to concede.

"He's still the same, not showing signs of decline yet, at least no visible signs, but he's not the type to parade it."

Andie made a face, "Yeah, he doesn't seem the type."

The fire finally started blazing and the light glinted off Andie's hand.

Ary leaned toward her, staring at it, "Oh my God! I didn't notice! Congratulations!"

Andie smiled, holding it up for examination. "He just asked me...On our trip here actually. We stopped off at the Grand Canyon and he went down on one knee, the whole nine."

"That's awesome! Have you set a date?"

"Next summer, not sure of the exact day yet."

"Oooh, you guys can have a double wedding!" Sonya exclaimed.

Ary smiled and shook her head, fiddling with her own ring, "Actually, I was going to tell you this when you got here, and now you are here… We've moved up our date. We're getting married in October."

"Oh my God, you're pregnant," Andie stated.

Ary laughed and shook her head, "No, God no, not for several more years. No, it's just James suddenly wants to be a part of it. I think his looming death is starting to soften him a tiny bit. His actual words were, ‘Well, if it's going to happen then I may as well be there.’ She rolled her eyes. "So we're having a small ceremony by the waterfalls, you know the ones by the house I grew up in? Then of course a ridiculously enormous over-the-top reception at some banquet hall he's renting. But of course I want you guys at the ceremony."

"Did Grayson buy that property, speaking of?" Dori asked.

Ary nodded, "Yep." It turned out the land on the other side of the falls was privately owned, and Grayson made an offer they couldn't refuse.

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Well, nothing for now. But I'm kind of hoping we'll one day build a house there, when we're ready to settle down." With our goofy dog and mini-me's, she thought, smiling to herself.

"Not gonna live in his dad's mansion then?" Dori asked with a snicker, already knowing the answer.

Ary shook her head, "Nope. Not sure what we're doing with that yet."

"So, you ready to be the wife of a busy business tycoon?" Andie raised a brow.

Grayson joined them and he and Ary shared a private look as he pulled her up from the chair and settled her in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her middle and she leaned back against him. "We still have four years of college," she pointed out.

"Four years of a big fat waste of our time," Grayson griped.

"It's a dying man's wish, what're you gonna do?" Dori chimed in.

Grayson grumbled as Ary nodded. She hadn't answered Andie's question mainly because it wasn't precisely what she would be. Grayson had found a way to appease his father but still live the life they wanted, one of freedom and adventure. He'd spent the last two months of senior year getting to know the people on his father's board, along with various other employees involved in marketing and sales, and learning who could be trusted. Also who had good business sense. He'd compiled a list, and so far his plans were to have them run the corporation, hugely increasing their salaries, while he became not much more than a figurehead. He'd check in with them, show up to the more important meetings and functions, but for the most part he and Ary would spend their time traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, going to remote locations, and basically sucking the marrow out of life. At least until they decided it was time for the goofy dog and the mini-me’s, though who knew, maybe even that wouldn't stop them.

So Teller Enterprises would live on, and perhaps one day one of their offspring, or their offspring's offspring, would decide that it was the life they wanted and become the next James Teller, only hopefully without the sociopathic tendencies.

"To answer your question," she said to Andie, "I'm ready to be the wife of Grayson Teller, whatever he may be."

There was a chorus of Awe's as Grayson turned her face to kiss her.

"You're mine," he mouthed when he pulled back.

"Forever," she mouthed back, as a song ran through her head.

...And there was a kid, with a head full of doubt, so I'll scream 'till I die or the last of those bad thoughts are finally out...

Well he screamed but he certainly didn't die, she thought, smiling widely as she snuggled into him.

No longer unproven, that thing called love.


Unproven's song

Grayon's Song

Ary's song (Written and Performed by my brother @ed-the-songster)

Grayson and Ary's Song


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And just like James Teller, all I can do is concede :D I had thought about writing a full review of the story for the final installment, but I decided to just sit back and enjoy it for all that it is. Ary was such a strong character, and her unwavering optimism eventually wins out. In the end, it's a feel good moment that makes you wish that real life was always like that.

But, I have to give the MVP to Dorotea. What a turn around she had! Easily the most relateable and compelling character in the story. Loyal through and through!

It's a shame that it was the last we've seen of James. He showed his hand and he got outplayed. An ignoble ending to such a diabolical strategist.

If you're happy, then I'm happy, sis! You're one of the most passionate writers I know, and every line you write is chock full of emotion. You pour everything to the page. Congrats on another finished novel here on Steemit!


Aww, that's so nice! I was bracing myself hahaha, I really thought you were going to hit me on this one. But as I said at the beginning, this whole book started as just an exercise. There are some changes I'm going to make, but I don't think there's a better way to handle the end if I want it to be happy. And I do, lol.

I mayyyy have started on a novella that takes place a little ways into the future and has a bit of a twist. We'll see how that goes :)

I loved it and I will miss my fix of Grayson and Ary :( - I think you need to write a book 2 :D


Haha, that seems to be a theme- I have a follow up novella in mind :)

Thank you!!

Spectacular! I have grown so close to these characters ... I will miss them!


Aw thank you MJ!! I may be working on a follow up novella for them, set a couple years in the future ;) And this one will be on Amazon in the winter, probably February :)

Yeah, I'm gonna miss them too, but looking forward to more Allies as well. x


I'm glad to hear that since I consider this a fluff novel next to the series- this was fun to write though, wayyy less work involved ;)

well written ( like your other book ! ) I have enjoyed reading it , now I will miss it : (


Aw, thank you so much for your support all the way through sweetie! I am actually thinking about doing a novella set a couple of years in the future for Ary and Gray, so it might not be the last you see of them :) Working on book three of the Allies of Old right now, and also another stand alone novel that I began here on steemit almost two years ago :)


awesome go for it @dreemit xx

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen