Defend Liberty Or Defend Safety

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It always comes down to that doesn't it, the various infringements that are made by the day all done in the name of some better good. The violence they need is supposed to be just the right amount, just the perfect suitable initiation of force to keep everyone safe.

Group A needs to be given a monopolization on violence, to be excused from being expected to uphold any sense of morality, to engage in actions against individuals that it in-return would lock people up for doing themselves.

A system of hypocrisy and violence from the onset, a clear disregard for consent.

It's only an idea that people hold in their mind, that's all the world around us is after all but the realization of our ideas, and this one is an ancient story of authority that people continue to believe in and tell themselves.

Bondage being sold as safety isn't a new concept.

Maybe the idea of what freedom should be to some, is too grand.

What a crazy idea for anyone to consider that they themselves might be free, that no one else has or should have authority over them.

That society might hope to organize itself voluntarily and peacefully.

It isn't and never has been about building utopia.

And it isn't only about believing results might be better with the alternative idea, even though they surely might.

It is about preferring peace to violence, wanting to believe that you can get better results with love than you can with force.

Have a little fun and dare to imagine a much freer humanity.

Safety for individuals shouldn't include an erosion of their individual liberty.

When your consent is violated do you feel safe?

How has the concept of freedom become so watered down?

Individuals can decide for themselves and don't need anyone else to decide for them. We don't have to allow others to decide for us that past and current methods of violence will always be necessary. Every individual has a right to decide to support the promotion of peace or violence.

Those who want to initiate violence against others will sell the idea on the premise of doing it for safety, for what other excuse would you really expect them to give.

We shouldn't be surprised when we realize again and again that the various problems we face in society that involve millions of people are not going to be efficiently dealt with or resolved, by one group that's given themselves the right to force everyone to follow their edicts.


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Nice read. Thank you for talking about Liberty!!

Bondage being sold as safety isn't a new concept.

Liberty IS Safety. Selling something else is a malevolent propaganda.

In that topic:

one persons bondage is another persons safety. the trick is to find a balance ensuring each person has the degree of liberty versus safety that they will tolerate within a social setting. i think the trap is in believing any government will provide this without trying to take advantage. the hard truth is we must be involved in our own freedom and safety.

did you make that?👍

Yes, but on my older Steem account: koltci

I think that both safety and liberty are interesting concepts. You can never truly be safe, only convince yourself of it. And yet we are quick to sacrifice our "liberties" in order to chase that comfort. But what is liberty anyway? I believe the word first referred to prisoners who were permitted a bit of freedom. I wonder if this is yet another construct, because I certainly do not feel as though I am without freedom. We all have the power to make our own choices, and the power to decide whether we are willing to live with the potential consequences of those choices. Real bondage involves actual physical bonds. All other types of bondage are in our head and it's down to us to recognise it as an illusion and stop seeing ourselves as victims if we ever want to step into and explore the freedom that we were born into.

they're selling fairy dust 😂

we don't feel that we are without freedom at times because freedom is on a spectrum, but asking permission from a higher authority before we can build something on our own property, or go fishing, camping, or to consume a plant etc or engage with others, these activities should be included in that concept of freedom. Sadly, the realm of what's acceptable or what is 'freedom' continues to get smaller and smaller.

I think the point I was trying to make is that, you don't actually have to ask for permission. You're free to build what you want should you have the resources, or to smoke or ingest what you want - as long as you're willing to deal with the consequences.

Extortion and permission slips are not what freedom looks like. That is what slavery looks like. Slaves can run away from their owners and "act free"...but eventually face consequences because they are not.

Have you seen Game of Thrones? There is a great quote in it from the character Daario Naharis. He says;

"Everyone has a choice. Even slaves have a choice. Death or slavery."

I am not arguing against the fact that there are people out there who wish to limit our choices, and to shape our destinies. This, we can all agree upon, I am sure.

But it is not they who keep us in bondage - it is ourselves. For if we all recognised that we are free to do as we want, and acted as such, then they would not have the power to stop us, or to punish us after the fact.

It is only our belief that we are not free that keeps us from being free, so what I am suggesting is that if we want to blame anyone for the limited choices that we feel we have, that blame should be rested at our own feet - not those of a select few who never truly had any power, but used our own against us.

Just to reiterate - I do understand what you are saying. I just disagree. We are free. And if only we all knew this, and lived it, there would be no entity or agency beyond our own consciences to punish us for the manner in which we choose to exercise that freedom.