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Logopit_1535514561057.jpgIn the first part of the story you went to Dehradun to meet the witness. There we stayed in a hotel.

Now the next thing:

The hotel's toilet and washing-machine were all together. He went there with his towel and shaving kit and got out quickly and got frozen. I used to wrap the towel, all the clothes including underwear were left on the same bed there. Come out and shake off the shaving box according to your habit, and then take your underwear to wear. The witness was seated in the door of the room from within, now she reached me, and said - Control is not happening, man! Have them meet us, who take sneha ji every day and many girls including Border, Shraddha, Shweta, Pushpa, Reema, Sonam and Payal have taken their test in the complimentary.

By saying this, he pulled my towel and threw it on the bed.

Now I was standing there full nude, my lover too came in my fullness now. Holding the hand of the witness, I pulled him towards him and said, Take it, this spot is my life for you! It was also very restless to meet you! That is why leaving your home and work and getting there, kissed your mind and ran away to this place.

I was happy to meet my lady and see that quote- I liked it.

I said - Man, blessed, this has happened. Just as people travel by far away from bathing in a holy river, my ladders have come here so long to take a bath for this sweet pussy of yours. Now we do not delay and meet them.

She stuck to my chest and started to lend my lamps with my own hands. I lifted my face and took the lips in my mouth. First, the lips on the bottom, then after sucking the lips above the top, twisted the tongue into his mouth, while opening the wrist of his wrist and lifting it up, dropped it off and put it on the bed. Now pulling the bra and putting it there immediately after dragging the salwar naga.

The witness lifted his leg and pulled it down from his body with his smooth mummy thighs. There were only pants left over his body.

Now my hand started trying unsuccessfully to adjust the advanced peaks of his chest within his paws. But his big boss could not come in my fist. When it was not in my hands due to being large and hard in shape, I removed my face from the face and came to the testicle, its pink nipple, milky and filled and looked pretty beautiful, Nipple was passionate about his passion Due to the reason tensor stood

I started nipple in my mouth and started sucking. One nipple was in my mouth, the other I was spinning. After a while, I pulled my hand down, pulled down her pants and started licking my pussy on my face.

The witness's pussy was smooth, the hair should be cleaned today itself, but it turned out to be as if it had never been hair, nor would it be.

I sat there kneeling right there. Her pussy was more swollen than the normal girls' pussy. Seeing this so cute pussy, I got padded and put my mouth in his pussy. After licking the upper part of the pussy and licking the tongue in the hole below.

The witness was also in the mood, so with my own hands he grabbed my head and came to bed, lay down on the bed and spread his legs. With this I got her pussy open, so it licked it from top to bottom His pussy was wet from the beginning, I was feeling that it was getting rid of water, I was feeling the taste of Raj.

In a short while, his voice was full of noise - neither come up nor hurry.

I felt that the witness has been completely burnt, so it must be done soon. I now rubbed my tongue with her pussy and raised it upwards, she grabbed both of my shoulders and pulled up. I rotated the tongue from his chin on the face and now he rubbed it from top to bottom in his pussy, after rubbing, put it on the hole of pussy.

The witness was in such a hurry that now the delay in putting my shots was not tolerated by him, he bounce himself from the bottom;

Witnessing the tears of this mathachod! Inside the inside of Bhosari's

I spoke - I do not! Your mother's pussy! Right now my land's mouth too has not penetrated in your pussy.
In the meantime, I hit the shots of an emphasis, I realized that some other part, including the full form of the ladda, was covered in her pussy. With this shot he jumped and said - Abe broke up! You are a bosdy, a little comfortless! Is free goods so my pussy will tear only

Before he could say anything further, I pressed his lips between my lips. She would have been suffering from pain, so I slowed down my ass, because whenever I was inside my lamb, she would put her hand in my chest and prevent me from coming closer, and my pussy was behind. That's why I tried that my land is nowhere, nowhere ahead. So by continuing to speed up my shaking, I continued the fuck. In a short while, he became normal and reached his hands on both of his hands and tried to bring it closer to him.

I asked - is not it right? Put and inside?

That quote- Abe, sister-in-law, has brought the whole lot of people together? Put her mother to fuck, I can see how many women can bear my fish! Fence is complete!

I was too happy and now started shooting the shot. Witness was also indicating me to raise my speed by lifting my waist down. So, in a while, my ladders got into more than half of their pussy. The pace of shaking was very similar in both of us.

When I thought that I am going to be now, I told the witness - I am just going to be there.

That quote - I'm coming too, but do not stop in the middle.

In a while, my goods went out, only when the witness pressed me down tightly and she also got cold. We both were lying on the bed.

After a few moments of witnessing, rise up, I have to go to Urinal.

I turned on one side and let him out She came, then I went to pee. We came and stayed barefoot on the bed.

I asked him - what is the pain?

That quote- So far as I have spewed them, your load is thicker than all of them. But I thought that as I took them comfortably, I will take it as well, but it is a very mothland lond. The fuck also gave pain and fun too.

I said - yes, I made a mistake, I had to put some oil or cream before me. But initially, your pussy started coming out, so

I thought that the smoothness should have come, but this sister-in-law has not yet arrived. Our witness is alone.

That quote- Yes, even in my studies, my focus is more on the methods of keeping the pussy tight so that the chod me, when the chodha feels like what is the right goods. That is to say that my seal is still broken. Why did not you like that?

I said - yes, only then I thought I should not have pain, I just put half of my lamb in your pussy.

That was to say that the bid was complete - neither of Bhosari's By keeping half the lamps out, you only enjoyed half, and half gave it.

I said - When a sister-in-law was putting it, then your gad was bursting. Now half the fun, what do I do?

That quote- Abe Gondo, do not leave this half the fun! Come on, eat now and eat again after lunch. Put as much as you can put in.

I said - okay then! I was thinking that I will immediately ask to fuck.

That quote- Oh no king, if you have to do an empty fuck then it is a different matter, now it seems! But we have to enjoy the fuck. Therefore, when the body permits, only then will it. Are you okay

I said - OK, just as you say. Where's the food to eat?

That bidi- There is no need to go anywhere to eat, Deer speaks to the waiter to bring it here.

By saying this, he rang Bell to call the waiter By then we both got dressed and dressed.

In a while the waiter came. We ordered him to eat. Now both of them sit tightly on the couch.

I said - and tell me something funny?

Thinking for a while, she quotes- I tell for a story time pass. It has told me a friend of mine. This story is very sinister in our college too.

I said - Yes, listen.

Witness- The wife of a king did not let her fuck. The troubled king went along the banks of the river and said to the duck living there- "Come, dear duck, sit on the thigh, eat us, betel nut!"

Duck would hear her voice, then King Duck ...

His story was simple, but the way of listening to the witness made the story very fun. We talked like this for a while, then the waiter brought our food in the room.

We both ate food as well. I asked him about the hostel, so he bid I told the warden Ma'am that was one of my relatives, I am going to meet them, will be the same to me hostel at night.

I said - yes it is, you have to go to the hostel at night. But tell me one thing, witness, you give a lot of abuse, how did you get involved in this addiction?

That quote- Abe mudarajat! Abuse is just some addiction. This increases my excitement. I like listening to and answering the abuse. Those who do not abuse me, they seem to be arrogant.

I said - that is, talking to a witness will keep abuses in the mouth while talking. When he has a mood to get excited, so that he can be abused by listening to abuse.

Witness: Not only do not speak abusive, I also like to speak abusive words. You are reading this story on

"I'm pretty dirty talk?" I asked.

So that quote- Good tell you have you seen someone smiling?

I said - yes many girls have been spinning.

I said laughing - whichever one I am, just like you, then you have not seen them, but they have seen them.

"It's not like Abe, not another?"

I said - he does not care about me.

Hearing this, she bidai bayya! Stay away, is not it only Jhanda balm?

I said - well, you see whom you've been spinning? Tell it then?

That quote - many people!

I asked - like?

That quote one of my wardens Ma'am was Chudwati your old boyfriend, have seen them, and as my friend had had Chudwaya by her boyfriend at the hostel, and I 'there shall not come "around the same while its guard Had to stick Then I have seen my friend sitting next to someone or not, instead of putting my eyes on it.

I asked - Whose fuck good?

That quote - both of the girls were happy! Have fun seeing them.

This kind of spicy thing kept going on between us.

After some time witnessing - had some effect or not?

I did not understand, so asked- Whose effect?

That quote- Hey Gada, did you come to the stomach?

I said, 'yar, you are talking about a mathrod, a very casual type. That is, when you do not want to tinkle yourself, then you will make a mood by doing a kiss, say, and when the desire to enter, then it is the effect or not, is asking.

By saying this, I got up from the bed to laugh and wear clothes.

He also started to laugh, I swear I am from you! Otherwise, I will call back to talk, then 'I have gone from work or talked later' will have to answer.

By saying this, she got up and took off clothes. Clothes came off the witness, he had removed his salwar kurta and unloading bras were made behind hand, when I took him in his arms.

That quote - Abe Bhosari! Let your bitch be naked, or will my trunks tear your cock?

I put my lips down a bit of his elbows, but love came to her side. By throwing a bra, he threw down and made one of his hands full. This gave me the opportunity to lick her whole face.

By pushing her towards the bed, I indicated her to lie down. She also came to bed and lying down like that. He had done his hand upstairs. So I licked her berries very much.

Yes ! It was not tickling with laughing here, it was a surprise to me.

So the taste of the witness's pussy has been taken by my father, but as he had said that he was going to complete the fight. While I am not in trouble, so did her first fuck more intensely. But now when he has agreed to have a lot of fun, then if he does not want to be fatigued now, then I will be called him Chitia.

So this time, by keeping her in mind in her mind, how can I do this time to fuck, this is just the next time in the next part of the story! ....Continue.....


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