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LOVE: A word that will be discussed in the future and has future intensity and takes the gallstones of lines. Even if it comes to the end of the comma's words, we're trying to do an analysis here, I'm going! “Let's take a look at his poetry.
I'il make a mark!

"I will go! When we examine our poem, we see that the meter is written in meters. He made a name for himself in the style of folk literature. The number of relatives working as rhyme patterns in our poetry.
Poetry syllable syllable 7 + 7 = 14 syllable was written with the pattern. We see this pattern as a 14-point syllable in all poetry series. According to the reader, this is a poetry editor written with an additional template in mind. The poem of our poetry has been replaced by a mechanism which is not used very often in today's poets. It corresponds to a book written by national literary poets according to syllables. Although this is the work of the personality, place this word in this order according to the order of speech.

We can see e aaab - cccb - cccb - eeeb - eeeb in rhyme style. The images on the continents in the continents are based on rhymes and we see exactly how the boundary is made without using rhymes based on two sound similarities at the same time. It is noteworthy that the second and third continents and the fourth and fifth continents are written in the same order.

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