Nicola Tesla and his experience in Austro-Hungary, Germany and France

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In 1880, Tesla moved to Budapest, Hungary, where he became chief engineer at the National Telephone Company. There, he developed telephone improvements, worked on telephone lines and built the central telephone station. However, in 1882 he went to Paris, where he was appointed electrician at the Electric Company Continental Edison Company. One of the company's largest construction sites is the construction of a power station for Strasbourg railway station. At the beginning of 1883, the company sent Nikola to Strasbourg to solve the labor problems faced by the lighting installation company of the new railway station. In her spare time, Tesla worked on developing the asynchronous electric motor model and in 1883 she demonstrated the work of the engine in Strasbourg City Hall. He began developing different devices using rotating magnetic fields, for which he obtained patents in 1888. Next year he was sent to Brussels to install a factory, and on his return to France he sought to realize ideas that at that time developed into inventions. In the spring of 1884 Strasbourg completed the construction work and Tesla returned to Paris. He expects to receive his promised $ 25,000 premium, but knowing he will not get the money offended and humiliated, he resigns. The remarkable progress of the US electrical industry has attracted the attention of Nikola Tesla and, in search of a better realization of its ideas, it crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1882, Tesla began working for Continental Edison Company in France to design and make improvements to electrical equipment. In June 1884, Tesla moved to New York. During his trip through the Atlantic, his ticket, money and some of his luggage were stolen and he was almost thrown overboard after a riot raid broke out. He arrives in America with only four cents in his pocket, a letter of recommendation, a few poems, and some of the luggage. In the letter of recommendation by Charles Bachler to Thomas Edison it is stated: "I know two great men, and you are one of them and the other is this young man" (the exact content of the letter is being disputed). Edison recruits Nikola Tesla to work for Edison's Machine. Work starts with simple electrical engineering and quickly progresses to solving some of the company's toughest problems. Tesla even gets a proposal to completely redesign Edison's DC generators. In 1885, Tesla stated that it could transform the inefficient engine and generators of Edison and improve electricity production and reduce costs. According to his words, Edison promises him $ 50,000 if he succeeds. After months of work, Tesla performs the task and asks for the pay. Edison, claiming he was just kidding, said, "Tesla, you do not understand American humor." Instead, Edison offered him a $ 10 increase in his weekly salary. Tesla refused the offer and resigned. Leaving Edison's company, he is in a very difficult financial situation. With his latest funding, and with the help of an acquaintance who is not in a strong financial position, he founded his own company.

After working for one year in Edison's company, Tesla became known in the business circles. After learning about his dismissal, a group of electricians offer him to set up his company and deal with the issues of electric lighting. Tesla's ACS projects are not encouraged, and the group later changes its original proposal and limits its activity to a proposal to develop a project for street lighting arc lamps. One year later, the project is ready. But instead of money, businessmen offer the inventor shares in the company. However, this option is not acceptable, and once Tesla refuses, the company is trying to get rid of it by slandering and discrediting it. From the autumn of 1886 to the spring of 1887, the young inventor was forced to find extra work. He is engaged in digging ditches, and "sleeps where he finds and eats what he finds." During this period, he became acquainted with engineer Brown, who is in a similar financial situation and who manages to convince some of his friends to provide little financial support. In April 1887, the Tesla Company Ark Light company was set up to begin new street lighting using arc lamps. Soon the company received large orders from many American cities. But for Tesla, the company is only a means of achieving the goals you have set.

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