LEGO Star Wars Story, Part 44: "Confrontation"

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Snoke rises from his throne, a rare sight indeed, he walks to the Palpatine's replacement droid and calls for two stormtroopers to bring in the holographic projector. They bring it and place it in the center of the large room right in front of the throne. The orange hologram is in a circular shape, the droid recalls what this is from Palpatine's memory which he copied when he took his shape.
The Death Star.

Snoke elaborates, a new Death Star has been built, almost, it is still unfinished in some places but it is fully operational. The idea is that this will lure the rebels out of their hiding as they will think they can destroy it before it is fully functional. They will fall right into his brilliant trap. If all goes according to plan the rebellion will be crushed and Palpatine's death will be staged in order that Snoke replaces him as the Supreme Leader.

The door suddenly breaks down, Vader. Palpatine bot uses camouflage so Vader doesn't see him so he can regain his trust later. Now Vader is standing face to face with Snoke. He ignites his crimson red blood colored lightsaber and informs Snoke that he is being arrested, AKA killed, by the order of the Empire. Snoke walks a few steps back, pretending to limp.

He tells Vader that he saved him, that he brought him from Crait where he would have died otherwise. Vader knows this but he is convinced it was just a scheme. He is having none of this and Snoke senses it. He uses force to grab his lightsaber carefully tucked away on the other side of the room. He turns it on and their swords clash, sparks flying everywhere.

Snoke can not keep up with Vader while he is not in his suit. He is quickly overpowered and forced to the floor. He crawls to his throne where Vader places his lightsaber uncomfortably close to his neck. A dozen stormtroopers in those new armor surround Vader and yell at him to back away from their master. Snoke tells them not to fire and tries to persuade Vader not to kill him.

Vader turns around, still holding the lightsaber right at Snoke's neck ready to slice it at any time. No matter how powerful in the force an individual is, no one can survive a beheading. The Sith lord looks at the shaking and incredibly anxious stormtroopers pointing their blasters at him, they don't even know that his suit is resitant to blasts. He raises his and and force chokes them all at the same time.

They fall to the floor gasping for air, this has never happened to them before. Not even ten seconds have passed and their corpses litter the floor. Must truly be a terrible death, mostly psychological pain which is fat worse than physical. Now that there is no one to stand in his way, Vader looks back at the crippled looking old man whose life is at his mercy. He raises his lightsaber high into the air and strikes...

To be continued...

Part 43:

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a gripping episode ... can wait for more!

Thanks! More is on the way :)

Wonderful wit, great episode, is an unforgettable saga, following you.

Thank you very much :)

Vaovv this part is so wonderful

I'm pretty amazed with this storyline and the footage though. Keep it up!

Thank you! Sure will keep it up :)

Great episode, is amazing

Thanks :)

Noe thats good.. nice sharings buddy

Thank you :)

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