LEGO Star Wars Story, Part 38: "Boba Fett's Escape"

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The bridge of the massive star destroyer ignites in flames and alights the dark empty void of space with it's glow. The explosion was caused by one Boba Fett an infamous bounty hunter imprisoned by Snoke. In order to make his escape he detonates the explosives which he previously placed in the bridge's ventilation system.

The throne room is collapsing. The support pillars which hold up the roof structure are snapping in half like twigs and falling on the marble floor cracking it and launching thousands of small shards into the air. Hux starts running in turn revealing his cowardice. Some of the troopers ask Snoke weather he is in need of help. He just tells them to run.

Snoke walks over to the corner where his suit of armor is held. It takes his round metallic hat and puts it on his bald head. He proceeds to punch in the codes to unlock it and turn it on whilst the roof is falling down and the entire star destroyer is being pulled to the nearest star. Things are not looking good...

He puts on his armor. The armor is an ancient Sith design that grants strength and agility based on the user's power in the dark side of the force, needless to say Snoke is an exceptionally powerful force user. His suit isn't complete however, his mask is missing, it was damaged beyond repair in his duel with the now dead Emperor in which he obviously won.

General Hux and his squad of troopers are running through the halls of the ship in an attempt to get to the nearest docking bay where they will leave this dying husk of a ship. Hux is leading the little group, he's running around like crazy while being followed by a dozen stormtroopers who made it out of the throne room alive.

They make their way to the docking bay where they witness Snoke in his full armor facing Boba Fett who can barely walk let alone shoot his gun. Hux runs towards the landing craft which he hopes will carry him to safety. The stormtroopers form a line to cover him and assist Snoke in his battle with the bounty hunter. Boba Fett is hurt and alone in a massive hangar with Snoke who is immeasurably angry at him. How will he get out of this...

To be continued...

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amazing post with beautiful pics!

Thank you very much :)

Brilliant ... kept woman tells the history.

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