The Fire — Microstory in flames (and a drawing)

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First comes the drawing, and below it, the story!

The king has come.jpg

A little drawing I made yesterday

The Fire

"I was the one who started the fire!" yelled a man from within the crowd in a moment of silence.

In his latest strategy to cause FUD, he had set the forest on fire in a cry for attention in order to sell his product.

"Now the only way to turn it off before it reaches California is to use my aerial fire extinquishers! This specialized chemical consumes oxygen in enormous proportions and spreads faster than fire! Then, it dissolves with water and all your worries will have been for nothing!"

Rage, fear, wrath.

"CATCH HIM!" They screamed, and amid the hustle and the fuss, he died trampled and beaten, and the fire consumed half of the forest before nature felt pity and sent a shower of rain and wind.

Mary-Anne, overcome by sadness, cut her wrists at dawn on December 26, right after breakfast.

(They were too long for her taste)


I love the tragic endings, you should participate in a science fiction contest

Jajaja, a mí también me encantan los finales trágicos. Al parecer leíste la versión en inglés. La versión en español (la original) está justo abajo.

Muchas gracias por dejar tu comentario, y sí me pasaré por la competencia de ciencia ficción!

Sadly you post mainly in Turkish and I don't understand your language. :(