What I do when I feel being a developer is boring

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As a developer, I sometimes feel bored when I have to do the same task again and again in my day job, so I have to do something other than the normal coding which helps me to overcome the boredom.

First and foremost reason of getting bored is that you are not liking what you are doing. That's true when we have to do the same task again and again, it feels boring. But being in a day job you do not have any other option but have to do the task, so how you will overcome that boredom.

The reason is simple, try different things. I usually work on ASP.NET and I love it but I always have to manage the legacy code and I could not learn any new technologies coming in my way. So what I have done I started my mini project (though not getting enough time now to work on that) which is on the newer technologies which have its own set of issues and excitement. Thus I can somehow reduce the boredom because now I can spend some hours on the exciting things.

Similarly, you should also start with some hobby along with Software Development, like playing guitar, traveling or even photography. I too whenever possible try to travel as well as clicking pictures which reduces my boredom quite a lot.

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Tell us more about your new project and the technology stack :)


Hey @cryptouru, you can check it here https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@codingdefined/letsdisc-create-question-upvotes-and-more, though this is just one of the many projects I have started. This is only open source others are just for my personal use.


I see... Thank you! I thought you meant some new project :D

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Everyone facing these boredom for me College days such a boring one repeating for the past 3 years. But however this steemit gives some relief. 😍

When we are involved with something we are passionate about boredom is never a problem @codindefined Hobbies provide an enjoyable balance in our lives. 🌼


That's absolutely true, but even you are passionate there are times where you get bored when you have to do the same thing again and again, this is where your hobbies come into the picture. Thanks for Stopping by :)


Yes, you are right there @codingdefined and that is why I keep challenging myself to find new skills based around my passions. It was a pleasure to connect. Have a great day.

Yes same thing happens for me as well. But I make sure I'm occupied on other things as well.

Even in my office I motivate my team members again and again to learn new technologies. Working on legacy products and code is pain in the ass with no progress at all. Could be interesting but not interesting enough.

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That's what I try to do, whenever I get time I try to get occupied with stuff outside my daily routine..