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hú jiǎ hǔ wēi

Meaning: A sly person who uses other's authority to his own advantage

One day, a tiger was walking around in the woods. He suddenly found a fox and quickly seized it, thinking that today's lunch would be a wonderful meal again.
The fox was cunning. He knew that if he was caught by the tiger today, he would end up dead, so he made up a lie, and said to the tiger, "I am sent by the Mighty King to the mountains to be the King of the animals. If you eat me, the Mighty King will not forgive you."

The tiger was suspicious of the fox's words and asked, "What is the proof that you are king of the animals?""If you don't believe me," said the fox, "you can come with me to the mountains. I'll let you see with your own eyes that all the animals are afraid of me."

The tiger thought this was a way out, so he let the fox lead the way, followed by himself, and walked to the depths of the forest.Wild rabbits, goats, deer, black bears and other wild animals in the forest saw the tiger coming, each of them scared to death, and took to the road to escape.

After a turn, the fox said triumphantly to the tiger: "Now you see? The animals of the forest, who dares not fear me? "
The tiger didn't know that the animals are afraid of him, so he believed the fox's lies. Not only did the fox escape being eaten, but he also shocked the other animals.

This story tells us that we should learn to see through the tricks of those who tricks others like the fox.



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