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Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Recap

Cersei and Daenary's meet in person of course Daenerys comes riding in style

Jon makes a choice at the end of this episode it may be wrong but actually right!

Cersei double crosses Jaime and turns on him...

Tyrion meets with Cersei, The mountain doesn't end Tyrion and he tells her he serves Daenary's

Daenerys discuss the death of Visceral and also tells a tale from old it was a good scene and Jon and Daenerys complement one another he seemed to be more into this love he has for Daenary's how could he not love a woman warrior who rides dragons and also is very beautiful.

Arrya does, something very surprising in front of the court in Winterfell Little Fingers scene was not the best writing i was not impressed ...

Bran and Samwell get to the truth about Jon Snow and the wedding scene is seen in a vision by bran as Sawell recalls a citation in the notes of Maester Minard who is now deceased at the time he dismissed!

Gilly's reading she was so passionate and Sawell said i do not care to hear more about Minards millions of shits !

Excuse my language this is a review keep this in mind...

Theon is forgiven finally!

Theon fights for the loyalty of his crew funny thing is he has been in there all along searching for his place in the world he was a boy when he was taken from the iron islands.

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