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RE: د نپولون خزانه - نه موندل شوی

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why on earth would he flag a post that is original content and not using a bid bot. That is exactly what downvoting is not supposed to be. This violates the terms of service set out by the initiative stated before the fork. Tell me why my post was downvoted. What was the reason?


Ask @steem - who is funding this idiot (that is, if it is not his own account)

As long as money can be made by flagging, why not...maybe everyone will be doing it soon.

Anybody know a platform which does not allow down-voting (reduction of rewards?)

I don't understand how he made money by flagging me. Again, can you give me a reason you can think of that he downvoted that particular post? Was it just random?

For all I know, it is only a bot. Sorry, but I think you will not find an answer that makes sense. When steemit elected to support flagging, they ignored the many who are nasty and get pleasure in harming others.

Well I can agree with you on that. I just wonder what's in it for that guy. Have a !BEER on me

Pretty sure it's all the same big idiot. Also, I don't understand how these tiny accounts and their mosquito bite downvotes could make any money with 10% downvotes. It's mostly just really annoying and it'd be nice if I could just block them somehow.

If the witnesses really cared about posters, I think they would have set a minimum - in other words, if you cannot downvote someone who has earned less than 8Steem in a post, then it would indicate that they really are trying to protect the Steemit coin while wanting to support authors.

I have less than a 1,000SP. My account has existed for over 2 years and I have not drawn even one cent for myself. The money I have earned is about $180. That is what robbing the pool looks like?

And yet, I got a message from OCDC (or whatever they are called) warning me I must stop using bid bots or else I will get downvoted. They are supposed to curate authors...and I have posted nearly 2,500 pages of my story, plus short stories and poems. How many times have they upvoted me? I think maybe a couple of times about 2 years ago. Their warning has only served to make it obvious that they are downvoting because they see the bid bots as costing them curation fees, not because they are rying to protect the coin.

Luckily I do not care about the money, when I stop, or if I die, I have arranged it that a charity I like gets half and someone in Venezuela gets most of the balance. So...if they downvote me, they are not harming me, only my intended beneficiaries. Even knowing that, I bet it will not stop them doing what they can to protect their own income.

Yes, I don't understand why they're so hellbent on downvoting everyone.

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