Poloniex Has Yet To Credit My Ethereum Deposit To My Wallet! It's Not There! Please Resteem This!

in story •  2 years ago

Poloniex has not treated me well and they have yet to respond to my support tickets. I transferred some Ethereum there to purchase some Ox tokens because Poloniex is one of the only exchanges that trade it. My Mistake was using them in the first place.
They need to get things moving in the right direction and start showing some respect to users. Sorry to vent my frustrations but it just isn't right. If you can relate or have been treated similarly, then please resteem this and upvote this post!

The views expressed are my own and based upon my personal experiences.

Thanks so much for your time!


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I withdraw everything from PolonieX, because their Support is one big joke!
No answer to support ticket for 26!!! DAYS for a standart request. COLONIEX SUCKS big time.

I don't use Poloniex anymore, but at one time I did.

Imagine you have 5 staff, answering 500 tickets.

"Just get more staff then" people might say. To keep exchange fees low, you have to have minimal staff.

Now, if Poloniex charged $10 per support ticket answered, that would be a good business model for profit, and maybe they could offer better service.

They also know that when there are network issues... Or user-caused issues.. quite often support tickets "resolve themselves" after basic problems get worked out... it is usually a time thing. (Need more time. Or wallet software being upgraded, or some security concern that needs to be researched, etc).

Everyone resteeming this post, and upvoting this post, isn't going to make Poloniex go "oh my god!!! we better stop everything and answer @breakingtonight immediately"

Unless of course you think I'm wrong... and yes, Poloniex will act that way.

Good luck.


Thanks for your honest and direct post...I appreciate your thoughts. I realize that they are likely overwhelmed with tickets and lots of things to deal with. This post, however, was not intended to only promote my personal cause or I would have included the support ticket information. This was more to raise awareness that even though they might be busy, they need to get a game plan on how to resolve their growth issues because I'm gathering that this is not new. Not only that, but it doesn't look good on the crypto community. We need to keep the standards high as possible! Thanks for wishing me luck. Also, sometimes you just gotta blow off some steam on steemit once in a while.


I understand. Thanks for taking it so well. :)


Sorry to hear this happened to you and I hope this gets resolved.

I did a lot of reading about crypto and made the decision not to use exchanges. I know I'm missing out on opportunities, but I'd rather use services like @blocktrades and ShapeShift that don't require an account (privacy) and don't require funds to be deposited with them. That way I always have the keys to my own money.

I'm guessing that you probably have come to similar conclusions, but wanted to share here for other readers, too.


Thanks @matthewdavid
Yes, you live and learn and I certainly have and I hope people will take this kind of thing seriously as nobody wants to lose any amount of money.

Most of these exchanges have the worst customer service. I guess the crypto-consumer isn't right to them. Poloniex and Coinbase are the worst. Resteemed for ya, btw I made it to 1000 followers!


Thanks for commenting on this important post! Thanks for the resteem and congrats on reaching 1000 followers! :)

Poloniex used to be the highest volume exchange with and incredible difference between it and the second highest volume exchange. That is not the case anymore, they are usually at position 2 or 3. This is good news because the crypto market does not rely that much in a single exchange anymore. Also if they continue losing users they could answer tickets faster.


Very good observations and I would tend to agree with you, as well! Thanks again for your comment, @ropaga

everyone has been having problems with them for the past 2 months -let me know how this is resolved


I will surely let you know! Thanks, @daydreams4rock

You're back! Well, hello to you!


Thank you, my good friend! @pepe.maya

good article


Thank you very much! @rmaxhuni

Up&Resteem dear friend :)

Very interesting post thanks for sharing!


You're very welcome, @piyushkansal

I'm happy to say that they have now credited me with funds!

For a long time I did not hear from you
I hope eveything is fine
By the way I enjoyed your video and your content
Thanks for the good work