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We set it on the table and then we eat some food and then we grab it again to send a text message....The cycle goes on and on and on! So just how dirty is your cellphone? The answer may very well surprise you because I know I was and I'll never think about my cellphone in the same way again!

According to a USA Today article, the average cellphone could be 10 times dirty than a toilet seat! If that weren't staggering enough, the report went on to suggest that at least 1 out of 6 cellphones may contain trace amounts of fecal matter!

Does this mean we should panic and stop using our phones? Of course not. The prudent thing to do is to maintain good cellphone hygiene and clean our phones on a regular basis in order to reduce the bacteria and germs.

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I recently read something similar about restaurant menus.


Yikes! 😧 Better keep that in mind the next time I go to a restaurant! Better yet, we can just memorize what's on the menus! Hehe!

Oh never even thought about how dirty is my phone :O Gotta clean it right now :D


I know what ya mean! I'll be cleaning mine from now on! Thanks for your comment, @trendo

Oh Wow!! Never thought a phone could be so dirty😳 Better get started routinely cleaning it.