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Mas Sapto sneaked his legs, we took shelter from the sun sting, a glazed face symbolizing fatigue as if to surrender. I do not know what to do, I myself was confused as loss of mind. Ashar time has arrived, we searched the mosque while spinning. We arrived at a small but clean mosque. This simple building seems to live because of the strong religious activity of the local people.

After we finished the service, we sat for a while looking at who I could question. I rest my head on the saka mosque. I jerked the energy to where it would get a response from whom. This is the foolishness of the god-level, where reason is no longer able to digest. The breeze was getting louder, gradually the smell of fragrant flowers perched on my nose. Spontaneously I open my eyes to see who's coming, this is the last woman I'm looking for. Immediately I asked where the tomb was, the time is not long anymore, because this mlm we have to go back home. In touch is the palm of my hand, as in giving a special sign, I must follow the vibration of energy from a point.Tak waste our time rushing to the energy center end of the tie in the palm of my hand.

This time we had no trouble, but the route forced us to park the car and walk a long way down the path into the township. Past the rice fields and plantation residents, the energy is getting stronger and struggling as if to let go.

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