The Fun Loving Ladies [Episode 6]

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Having weighed the advantages and found no disadvantage. Nancy decided to tick online dating for the meantime. She started frequenting her facebook chat and twitter account she rarely visited before now.
Then she had been too engrossed in her blackberry chats. She also signed up for two other social sites but stopped visiting them when they became boring.

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About one week after her online dating decision, she meets a really friendly guy on twitter. Twitter unlike facebook, was a social media site where you could follow whoever you wanted to be able to keep up with their updates, post; the person could either choose to follow you back or not.

Someone on twitter had retweeted a tweet she liked and she retwitted t as well, the tweet tried to explain that it is important not to make those who see you as an option a priority, you do not need anyone to make you happy. Happiness is in you.


Okay, so Nancy resulted I to an online dating.
Let's see what happens next.

I hope this turns out well for her.

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