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Trumps President

The End

Ok I'll admit that I just couldn't resist a political jab before the debate tomorrow, but it truly is scary. Even our local movie theaters are cashing in on this.


Usually this is a figure of speech "Get your popcorn ready," but this has become so outrageous that theaters around the country are doing just that (and cashing in on concessions too). It's embarrassing that either Hillary or Trump will likely be president in the near future. America has become a laughingstock in the process.

I'm not a super political person. I respect our right to vote and those who have sacrificed so much to give us this ability, but that these two are the best both Republicans and Democrats have to offer says something about the state of our country.

I know there are probably some staunch Hillary or Donald supporters (haven't found many anywhere, but especially few on steemit), but if there are any articles I have missed or telling interviews that clearly show why one is far better than the other, I'm all ears. It's hard to struggle through the debates when they act as foolish and childish as they have.

Wasn't planning on writing this post, so it's not polished or very well thought out (I'm being 100% honest), but I still think some interesting comments and debates below can be had. I feel this election is already making filmmakers salivate as they wait to cast actors in the roles of these two candidates for what I'm sure will be a sort of sad comedy film that I wish never existed in real life nor would inspire a movie about it.

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That's funny. I haven't seen this yet. I'm planning on abstaining from voting and it has been quite rediculous how this election cycle has been going. I just really hope Hillary ands up in prison.


I completely understand that stance. I don't know if I can give my vote (approval?) to either with a clean conscience. While this would take it to the extreme, would I vote in a Hitler vs. Stalin election? Is there a lesser of two evils at that point? I am 100% behind my grandfathers who fought to give us the right to vote, but am embarrassed that this is the best we could come up with from our political parties.

I tend to lean more republican, but I don't trust Donald with anything he says and God forbid we ever get that ridiculous grin on any currency that goes into circulation. I don't know how this happened, but I also don't know anyone truly excited for this election. It won't be the end of the USA as a powerhouse, but we have a laughingstock of a president in either candidate.

Signs of a declining civ.. sadly. When the roman empire was on its way down into the ditches back then, there are way too many accounts indicating that public entertainment in Colosseum's and such were at its peak too..


And so it begins....

Lol! Upvoted,! So true, check out my rant in the post i just put up! I really enjoy the entertainment! Haha!
Thanks for shareing! Steem on!♨✌👍 😉♨

I have seriously thought about writing in No Confidence.
I don't trust Hillary as far as I could throw her on way too many issues, including women's issues and her blatant disregard for military lives overseas a la Benghazi. The Donald scares me because he's got no filter on his mouth, especially in the public arena, and that is going to turn off too many people. And I don't have a flippin' clue if there's even a third party. They are completely invisible as long as the circus is in town. My skin crawls with these choices.


Well Gary Johnson is the third party with the most support, but it is very unlikely that he will become president. I feel like I could throw Hillary pretty far haha, and while I don't trust or appreciate her stance on many issues, I believe at least from an experience standpoint that she is better suited (pantsuited too) than Donald. However, Donald does have some business success that I think some people will want and think "as long as I have a job and money I don't care what he says." I don't think we are as doomed as people think. Yes the president has power, but a lot of what is talked about will never see the light of day. There is too much bickering between houses to implement ideas, whether good or bad. How Obamacare got through is still a mystery to me, but we shall see what the future holds once the election happens. Looks like a made for tv movie already.


I must admit that I also have a hard time with Hillary because of some of the presidential decisions of her husband (Free Trade Agreement anyone?) - which did absolutely nothing to help the US economy in my humble opinion.
I think you're right about the money and jobs part. If people have those two things, they are willing to forgive more. Basically we've got too much government overhead. If it were me, I'd fire everyone and start from scratch. Sadly, I feel like we've got to pick between the lesser of two evils rather than the best qualified. Made for TV, indeed!