All For My Sweet Mother [Episode 7]

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The teacher chided me but that did not soothe the bully.
I will beat the hell out of you after school, he said to me during the short-break.
I ignored him. I was sure that he would not get me to beat. I devised a way to escape. As soon as the bell for the close of the day rung, I picked up my bag and took to my heels.


I was just a few meters out of the gate when I heard people screaming excitedly.
I turned out of impulse. I saw Dare pursuing me hotly. My heart skipped a beat, I turned and ran on.

He pursued me relentlessly and soon, he caught up with me. He cleared me off the ground with his right foot, and I crashed, bruising my arms.


Bullies should be corrected while they are still children.