The Legend of Mayon Volcano

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This is a view from afar of Mt. Mayon or the Mayon Volcano. What do you see on the picture? Are you intrigued? Is it just ashes and smokes?

Many tourists and viewers got mesmerized because it looks like a man and a woman hugging each other.

Do you want to know the Legend of the Mayon Volcano?

Now, let me narrate what happened long, long time ago..

There in a place called Ibalon lived a beautiful woman, Daragang Magayon. Her father was Makusog who is the chief of the tribe.

One day, Daragang Magayon strolled near the river. While crossing the river, she stumbled on a rock and fell quickly in the water. She was swiftly swept down stream by the current. She cried for help. A young man, Pangaronon heard her. Pangaronon jumped into the river and saved the woman.

The woman thanked the man for saving her and asked how can she repay. She said that her father is the chief of their tribe and will surely reward his heroism whatever it may take.

It was love at first sight. They feel in love with each other.

Panganoron asked Makusog’s permission to marry Daragang Magayon. But Makusog could not allow it. It is forbidden to marry someone outside their tribe. As tribe leader he had to enforce the law.

Meanwhile, Patuga, an ardent suitor of the woman learned about Panganoron’s intention. For years, he had been convincing her to marry him.

Patuga made an evil plan and kidnapped Makusog.
Then, he sent word to Daragang Magayon that her father would die if she did not marry him. Without a choice, she agreed to marry him. Only then did Patuga release Makusog. Soon Patuga and Daragang Magayon were wed. In the middle of celebration,Panganoron and his men arrived. The two tribes went on a battle. Panganoron fatally struck Patuga. However, a poisoned arrow shot from nowhere, fell on Daragang Magayon’s breast.

Panganoron rushed to her aid and as he kneeled over but an enemy cut his head off.

Daragang Magayon was buried and her death was mourned all over the land. A mountain mysteriously appeared where she was buried.

This mountain is now known as Mayon. It is said that even in death, she is still haunted by the men who loved her. When Mayon is said to erupt, this is Patuga challenging Panganoron. But when Mayon is calm, Panganoron is embracing her. The tears of Panganoron are shed as rain at times in his grief.

Many are still amaze when they hear the love story behind the legend of the Mayon Volcano.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

  • Source: Local Government of Albay Pavillion, Philippine Travel Mart 2009.
    Photo NOT edited.
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