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RE: A story in under 300 words 28/12/2017

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Hi @simonjay . Thanks so much for writing this.

Ork Wizards aren't really my thing. The give me the spooks. They can render you slow and confused. They like to turn invisible so they can snipe you while you deal with their friends. They are definitely to be avoided.

You seem to have also scared the living daylights out of poor @oliviaalexa who replied to this too.

Your story prompted me to look at some of your other work. I really liked this one:

Upvoted, and thanks for sharing with all your friends.


Haha didn't think they were that bad sounds like world of warcraft or something, I dont like Orks either which is why I made him the baddie, no problem this was mostly to market your efforts, if you got any projects going I may be interesting in sharing let me know, I might even write another story to spread the word more as there is still time, Thanks for the supprt on this @swissclive