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Hello Steemian I was not planing on writing this today but @swissclive invites all Steemians to write a short fiction story in under 300 words. Anyone can participate and the story can be in any language but its encouraged to consider the atleast writting an English translation.

Also please encourage others especially newbies to give it a try.

Here are some rules by @swissclive
The first tag must be "story-300words"
The story must be less than 300 words long
Your original work only. No plagiarism (copying stories from the internet)
Last day for this initiative is 8th January 2018

Word count: 297

The hero of the land finally strikes the evil Ork Wizard with the sword of legends defeating the monster after a 8 year quest.


But in order to lock hes evil the sages of healing, now reunited thanks to our hero's best efforts use their power to seal him from the world.
After the gran defend the Princess of the Kingdom takes our hero into a dream like world where only they can converse.
Hero of the land she says..This whole quest of yours is my fault she reveals looking sadly at our hero knowing he sacrificed so much not only to save her life but to save the kingdom.
Confused and lost for words our hero asked the princess what does she mean its her fault?
Dont worry I can fix it, now that the kingdom and everybody is safe from the evils unleashed by the Ork Wizard you can lead a normal life again I will give you and everybody the 8 years of suffering back.
You remember me asking you 8 years ago to keep my Flute Of Ages?
I still have it Princess said our hero.
Hand it to me I will play a song that is so secret and must never be heard again it changes the winds and the speed of the earth turning back the hands of time.
He slowly hands her over the Flute Of Ages, she plays a sound that our hero feels he may have heard before.
The sound begins to feels heavier our hero gets very dizzy and sleeps.
Hours later our hero wakes up he feels like hes got a heavy head he walks towards the mirror and cant believe what he can see.
Its him only many years younger was it all a dream?



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Hi @simonjay . Thanks so much for writing this.

Ork Wizards aren't really my thing. The give me the spooks. They can render you slow and confused. They like to turn invisible so they can snipe you while you deal with their friends. They are definitely to be avoided.

You seem to have also scared the living daylights out of poor @oliviaalexa who replied to this too.

Your story prompted me to look at some of your other work. I really liked this one: https://steemit.com/family/@simonjay/parents-or-not-what-do-you-think-homosexual-sleepover-10-10-2017.

Upvoted, and thanks for sharing with all your friends.

Haha didn't think they were that bad sounds like world of warcraft or something, I dont like Orks either which is why I made him the baddie, no problem this was mostly to market your efforts, if you got any projects going I may be interesting in sharing let me know, I might even write another story to spread the word more as there is still time, Thanks for the supprt on this @swissclive

I love the whole idea of the wizard story. Great job

Thanks very much @perpz for the supprt I am glad you managed to read this also without getting scared.

so horror..~ I am troubling in my house.. help help.😁😁

Haha I didn't even have the intentions of making it a horror story but sounds like I might be good at it as I already scared @swissclive and yourself guess its not such a bad story lol.

I love me a fantasy story! Also i hope the Ork Wizard stays sealed up forever!! haha

I am glad someone didn't get scared this time by a little fantasy well who knows I would of continued if it had more supprt @cabbage-dealer dont forget to upvote