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RE: Short story initiative - A story in under 300 words

in #story-300words2 years ago

It's a very interesting story, and also made me reflect on what is meant by 'story'. Your link to the Holy Bible is obvious, and yes there are stories there, but I never thought about what I write in that connection.
The 300-word limit is a very good challenge - and adds to this thought as well, about what is actually a story? I never write the way you do, I am not good in descriptions, so what I write some people don't consider a story at all. But I like experimenting with it: what can be left out, when is it still a story? I once wrote a 100-word story (a drabble) of EXACTLY 100 words. So your post made me decide to put it on Steemit, as part of your contest (link to the story)
Perhaps it will be of inspiration to someone :)


Those who head over to your "drabble" will soon know what it is.