The Wrestler

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The Wrestler

"And I am writing about this famous wrestler..."
That smell, what is that smell?
"he has had lots of head injuries..."
Arghh, I feel like throwing up. What is that smell? I can't stand it!
"Actually, he has stayed with me quite a few times..."
He surely is intelligent and all of that and his books on Iraq were very interesting, but he is the source of that smell.

Standing in front of me with his black sweatshirt covered in dog hair. Hair every which way. He does look like a bum. But he is a writer, publisher, and editor. That is what he tells me and I do have his books in the store.
He loves wrestling and being an Atheist. One who takes pleasure in arguing with everyone.
Yuck. There are stains on the shirt as well. The other outspoken atheist customer I have also has stains on his shirt whenever I see him. Is it a secret code to recognize each other? I wonder.

His wife comes up to the cash register now too. She is well kept, clean clothes, makeup in place, and works for a law firm.

Usually, they don't come in at the same time and I had no idea that they belong together.
How can she stand the stink?

"I was just telling her that I want to bring Dan to the store," he said to his wife.
Then to me. "He had too many head injuries in his wrestling career and can't think much anymore. But he could help you in the store."

I just smile at him like a good shopkeeper does. Always keep smiling.

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I you have a thing for atheist? 😉

I kid!

Lovely story, Marianne!

Only for atheists with stains on their shirts!! lol

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Oh my...what a perplexing person. How fascinating the opposites are a pair. Is this a true story? Well written!

Well, that particular scene isn't a true story. But the characters are, the offer is and I had 2 outspoken atheists customers who always were ill kept.
And the keep on smiling part is true too :)

"Just keep smiling."

That truly is the mantra for someone who works with customers of any sort. And it can be so, so difficult sometimes. What an interesting story!

Thank you!! And isn't it the truth! when I wasn't able to do that anymore - I knew that it was time to get out of the store...

What is the moral of the story? I think i am missing something.

the moral of the story is that a shopkeeper or anyone who works with the general public has to endure much - and needs to keep on smiling.

I actually thought so. that is apparent in the

I just smile at him like a good shopkeeper does. Always keep smiling.

The problem is that the events leading up to that point are somewhat jumbled and if not for that last line, could have easily meant something else.

You might need to improve on how your story plots resonate with the story moral.


Very sorry, but I just don’t understand the story. I can’t make head or tail of it. It does not sound like fiction. No plot, no moral, no ending. I don’t think I can qualify it as a “fiction” story which was the requirement to use the tag story-300words. Thanks for trying anyway.

Fair enough - it doesn't fit the fromat of a fairy tale. Thank you for reading and commenting.