STONE Coin: my first MASTERNODE and a beautiful COMMUNITY!

in stonecoin •  5 months ago

Holding coins is quite distressing, mostly in this period. Having a Masternode gives you the possibility to keep holding but also to mine and increase, without doing nothing, the holding amount.


The famous DASH has created a new method to mine blocks differently from the classic way of massive hardware we are used to imagining. It's through masternodes, which are computers that store the whole blockchain and mine blocks in Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

There are several things to have for starting a masternode:

  • finding a trustworthy coin
  • holding enough of the reliable altcoin
  • buying a virtual private server
  • having some patience while setting it up

How I found STONE COIN 2.0

If you take a look at MasterNodes Online, you see a long list of coins that allow you to mine them through a masternode.

Just click on a random one of them you can see its spec, income, ROI, actual price, announcements, website, GitHub, and so on.

Every coin has a required amount of coins that you need to have to activate the masternode; it's the investment you need to do. For example, to open a DASH Masternode you need 1000 DASH, only $240,543.00...ahah only!

Well, let's check someone else, what I did almost immediately, I ordered the table per most significant Return of Investment, ROI and something in my brain started pulsing: SCAM ALERT!

Plenty of those alt coins are fake/scammy that stay active for a certain amount of days then they sell everything and disappear with the loot.

I spent more than two weeks checking all those coins, their websites, BitcoinTalk announcements and so on and then I found STONE COIN 2.0.

STONE COIN 1.0 was a coin made by someone for the intent to get the money and run, they did so, but this time the robust community that was believing in the project kept the coins, forked the code and from the ashes created a new blockchain.

I like stories where there is a democratic takeover, so I checked their guides, roadmap, team, infrastructure and damn, they are more than, and their business model is purely attractive.

I created my first masternode buying 1500 STONE on CryptoBridge, a VPS on Kimisufi for a total cost of 70$.

STONE & Myself

When I'm into something, I need to put my hands-on.

I got in touch with the takeover core team through their Discord channel, I chatted with them quite a lot, and since I liked the vibe, I started collaborating to the cause.

I'll be helping STONE on the strategy/marketing/branding side.

We are (wow, it's the first time that I use we) about to launch a massive series of updates, that will make STONE unique.

So, my dear friends, stay tuned!
As ever,

Photo by Thomas Griggs



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