Wall Street Secrets Revealed #2 – Did You Buy The Milk This Week??? - Part 2

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I love trading Cryptos, but sometimes the set-ups aren't there. As traders, we must have other Markets to trade, so that we enter only low risk, high probability trades. Two weeks ago, I wrote that the Stock Market pulled back and was giving us an opportunity to buy the Market at a discount, but didn't share all of my set-ups. Below were other set-ups.


I just wanted to give everyone a brief update and let people know you may want to start taking some profits.

Apple 13% Return

Bank of America Didn't hit buy trigger

Caterpillar 12% Return so far

Cisco Systems 10% Return if you sold at $42....price at $44 currently.

FedEx Stopped Out for a loss

Marriot Never hit buy trigger

Microsoft 10% Return

Paypal 10% Return so far

Walmart Was a 10% return, then Wall Street didn't like their quarterly earnings and the price tanked for a stop out.

5 Wins
2 Loss
2 Never Hit Buy Signal

The secret to being a successful trader is PLAN THE TRADE, TRADE YOUR PLAN. Trading is a probability game, every set up that meets your trading plan you must take because you don't know which trade is going to work. Trading is also Psychological Warfare. I posted how I overcame the mental aspect of trading in the post below.


This post is my personal opinion. I’m not a financial advisor, this isn't financial advise. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

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nice work! I don't make many trades anymore as my time is limited. I tend to make one or two big longer term trades per year. Though I'm certainly tempted sometimes!

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