Bounty: When to enter AURORA

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MJ stocks are lacking in my portfolio. So I am thinking of which stock to enter and and what time/price. I don't know much about cannabis stocks tbh.

One that has come to mind however is Aurora.

Looking at the chart the 1.6 area seems like a good rough level.

Looking for:

  • what is the best MJ stock to buy
  • what technical level make sense for entry

As always the best answers will win the bounty

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As far as i know, MJ companies have a core issue. Because its illegal at federal lvl and all the banks r owned by fed, they still have problem bringing money into the system. Check out some defense stocks instead. NOC


NOC - Northrop Grumman Corporation
UTX - United Technologies Corp.

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What I expect from every MJ stock:

Get down to 1.6, and flatline.
Range bound +/- 20% from my entry for 14+ Months.


Shed another 40% by year-end.


All their doing is producing the devils' lettuce and probably attempting to fix prices that will be hard to tether after widespread legality. The Mexican Cartels sell weed for a small fraction of what Distributors charge the Plugs that charge the Dealers that charge the end-users. Production is nothing.

For every 10$ you spend, 1$ goes to the plant. The other 9$ goes to the path of misery that leads it into your hands lol.

And the federal bill is already bust.

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I'm not the one to ask when it comes to the (technical) analysis of stocks.
Two things I believe to know:

  1. cannabis business will be booming in the USofA where and as long as it's legalized
  2. investing in this business should be a long term investment but with the government making ambivalent decisions within hours via twitter you might be f_cked

Have a great weekend and


I don't think Mj stocks are safe havens for investors. I believe that we should turn to more reliable sources. The government does not give any confidence. Stay away from Mj.