Stickynote challenge #015 Winners: Ganadores

in #stickyart4 years ago

Otra semana divertida. muchos mapaches creativos. Elegir un ganador es difícil.

Another fun week, so many creative raccoons. Picking winners is always a difficult task.

Winners : Ganadores


Remember to checkout and support all your fellow artists at #stickyart. Winning entries displayed below.

No olvides ver todas las entradas en #stickyart y apoyar a tus colegas artistas. Ganar entradas a continuación.






El próximo desafío será pronto. Espero verte a todos de nuevo.

The next challenge will be up soon, looking forward to seeing all your entries again. Thanks for reading.


Yay i won!! Thank you! 😍

Ohhh!!! thanks a lot!!!!! .... congratulations all the winners... especially @kleonella Love your draw!!!

It is well that I love this contest a question and the prizes are not delivered yet?

Just finished sending them all out now :)

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Thank so much!


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