Can I sleep in your bed?

in stickman •  19 days ago

After putting Sticky to bed, Sticky's dad can finally turn off the light and get some action.

It has been a long day and Sticky's mom is tired. She is out cold in three seconds. Sticky's dad is about to fall asleep too when suddenly Sticky walks in the room.


Sticky says, "Teddy can not sleep. Can we sleep in your bed?" Sticky's Dad is not getting out of bed again. It is an endless cycle. He gives in and let's Sticky sleep on his bed.

Do you think Sticky's Dad made the right choice?

In Korea especially it is more common to find that kids still sleep in their parent's room. In America all the kid's I knew had their own room or shared a room with a sibling. I would never imagine a kid using their parent's room, but in Korea I meet people at work and at church who live in one room and have kids.

I don't know which is better for development. Allowing the kid to sleep in the room may help reduce anxiety but on the other hand the parents get less sleep and less sex.

Little Sticky doesn't seem to mind as long as he can cuddle up with mom and dad. This was unheard of for me growing up in Chicago, but in Korea it is kind of a normal thing. Another cross culture struggle I run into in my daily life.

Part two is coming soon.



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haha most korean kids don't even have their room! now that many korean homes have multiple rooms.. a lot of that has changed tho.

personally all i wanted was to have my privacy and play video games all day.. ㅇ_ㅇ


Well that's what my wife keeps telling me. I guess she is lost in the 80s.

You got your room now. Congratulations:-)

When I grew up I had my own room but years later when my two much younger bro and sis came along they were allowed to sleep with my parents whenever they wanted or were afraid of the dark. If I was afraid of the boogie man I would hide under the covers.
Parents often soften as they get older and change in their views as what is proper upbringing for a child. In the end it doesn’t matter ..just show the child you care about them.
I don’t think it does any harm to let the child come into bed with the parents periodically. If only one bedroom then there is no choice but try to have an extra bed in the room for the child.


Thanks @redheadpei,

Our kids have their own room but so often the little is sleeping in our room. His brother was the same way. Then he just grew out of it. Now he is asking for a lock on his door.

You are totally right that in the end it doesn't matter and parents do soften up over time. I am thankful that I can share my life with these boys even if it is for a short time. They really are in God's hand and you know better than I.


I’m happy you have your boys, Christopher and I can tell you are a kind and caring father even in trying situations.
A child is really a gift, sometimes, like my son, here only for a short time. We don’t always realize this until they are called back to the spiritual realm.
Blessings, dear friend, to you and your family. ❤️

Howdy sir mineopoly! yeah no...I wouldn't adapt that aspect of their culture! lol. I can see it if there is a storm or something scary occassionally. great job on the artwork! lol. very skillfully done.


Thanks @janton,

I needed to get these out before I move on. If I could I would post cartoons everyday and I think that day may come.


haha! hey mineopoly I think that's a great idea. Plus I doubt if anyone else is doing that so it would be very unique. Your posts are already unique of course but that would make them even more so.