Memory of @stevenalexander - Thank you! 💕

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I have been struggling with this post as I honestly don't know where to start!

picture by @stevenalexander

I love that picture of him as that's how I remember him.
Always full of ideas and goals and my favorite... He loved to make people laugh 😂
And he really did. Great sence of humor and really wasn't afraid to go all in.


I found out about his death as I got in general chat in alliance and read that @stevenalexander passed... Whaat?
My brain couldn't register and lots of emotions washed over me.

But I will try to make him justice by telling my story!

picture by @stevenalexander

I came across Steven when he shared a video that he had Made many years ago, and I just fell in love with his humor and personality.
I also could relate to some of the goofyness he did here 😜 lol

This is the video that really caught me..

This was the first time we chatted on discord and I first thought he was a little bit nuts.. Lol
Really goofy and funny but I had hard time knowing if he was serious or just playing me.
He brought many laughs though!

Here are some other fun videos I want to share so you can se for yourself.

This was about his character Jeff that he created and that wig...Got me giggle...Lol
Here's the post :

And here's another that he did with music and it cracked me up...I love how he mixed songs with humor..

Also his show together with @stellabelle was a great one and they made the perfect team.
Check this episode out..

He even had the skills of juggling and I was truly impressed!


But the time we really started to talk and get to know each other was actually after I made a freewrite post about farts.
He dm me and I guess that chocked him.. And many others... Little innocent sass 😜


I realized that we had much in common with the wish to make people feel good and laugh.
He was a great inspiration and never failed to make you laugh...
I regret never asking about why you called me kryptonite tho ... Never did get that 🤔

Then he came with the idea of doing and interwiew... I was like whaaat?


Just for the record... I NEVER farted on anyone😂 lol

We started on the interwiew but to much goofyness and we had to try again another time..
That second time never came...

There was alot of laughter looking back on old messages and also tears.
Knowing that there will be no more messages from him... Sad heart!


This message pretty much says what I'm thinking... I miss you!

But I'm also thankful that I had the privilege of getting to know him and get to se him grow.
He had so many talents and was ambitions.

As much as he loved to joke and laugh, he also had this soft serious side that showed his vulnerability and he brought that into his music to and here is one I know took lots of guts to share. A beautiful song about heartache 💔

Here is that beautiful song and it touched me..

And one of my favorite covers that Steven made, Shape of you by Ed Sheeran!

I know he was struggling with alot in his life and only thing I'm Sooo sorry for.... Is that I never knew just how severe it was!
There I felt like I failed you 😔

But our connection was much about humor and laughter so I guess you manage to hide things well. I think we all do at times!


My heart goes out to his family and friends and I know there's a hard time ahead, but he has gone to a better place and are at peace!

Special shout out to @stellabelle and @karensuestudios as I know this must be a hard time for you ❤️ much Love!


Here are some beautiful in memory of Steven here by @karensuestudios ❤️ hug

And my amazing baby @emjoe made a beautiful post ❤️ big hug!

And a post by our amazing family #thealliance and @enginewitty wrote a great one ❤️


It's hard really to put into words the emotions and thoughts that's going around.
He was a true friend and such a big heart and humor that was contagious 😊
A beautiful soul that touches us through his music and he will be Dearly missed!

picture by @stevenalexander

I leave you with this Angel!


The payout from this post will go to @youarehope as I know it will do good ❤️


Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it!🌹

@saffisara : Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover!
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So sorry for your loss
To find out about someone in these circumstances is sad
I just watched some of his videos, and he was very talented.
May his soul rest in peace ❤️

Sorry for your loss. He is living on through your heart and writing.

Thanks for this glimpse of the sweet person I never got to know.

We are all together in spirit.


Thank you sweetie 🌹
I hope I manage to make him justice, he was a wonderful person and brought laughter and joy to many people.
So true We are all together in spirit love that!
Have a wonderful Sunday. Cheers! ❤️

Rip Steven...
Life is so unfair... It was a shock for Me. He was so full of life... :(


Yes life certainly doesn't always turn out as we expect it to. He was full of life!
It was a big chock and I'm sorry for your loss my friend ❤️

Ive seen more posts about Steven today and he seems like such a loved person, its a shame that he is on the other side.

Wishing you much strength with you loss and remember that you where there for him!

A great loss .....RIP

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Although @stevenalexander and myself had never connected on the blockchain, your eulogy has made me realize my loss for not having known him. Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure my friend 🌹 he was a wonderful person and brought much joy!
I hope I made him justice... Hard to know what to write.

You have been defended with a 90.91% upvote!
I was summoned by @c0ff33a.

The You Tube Famous video is the one that had me hooked too. He will be missed.

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm sad that you didn't get to say goodbye -but I really don't think we need this so often. Because when people love us - they know this deeply already. It's good to be able to say it - but if you can't... it doesn't matter. They know they were loved fully. And THAT'S what matters

I laughed throughout the post - and I'm sure that's exactly what he would have wanted. for people to remember the joy that he brought and to smile and laugh at the memories that he made.

I'm sorry that you lost your friend... but I'm glad that he was able to touch your life and you were able to touch his! <3

Lots love, saffisara

this post is so sweet and lovely. im sorry i almost missed this bc its a beautiful dedication to someone you carefd about. this was very touching and thank you for sharing your heart dear friend. xo


I'm glad you liked it my booty sister 😊👍
No worries on almost missing it, you can't be everywhere.. Lol
It was a hard post to write but also a happy one as he was such a goofy funny friend and always made you smile 😆
Thank you for your kind words!
Much Love ❤️💋

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@saffisara hehe of course i do! you have a sweet way about you and this was just lovely.
big hugs and love, es