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RE: Demystifying Going Green

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I like the fact that you revealed the margin between the current power production in nigeria and soloar power as a potential replacement. It really shows what we are missing in this country.

However, i believe the initial cost of solar power installation is still a major drawback. Although theres little or no maintenace cost. So it is just easy to conclude that the best way to have it is to run only low energy consuming devices on standalone home installations.

Whoever wants to run more energy consuming devices like ACs should be prepared for additional costs, not just in terms of batteries but the solar panels as well. You cannot get more batteries without getting more source of current (panels).

On the national level, i'm not really informed on why we are not trying to harness solar energy. Perhaps private investors could come in, produce and then sell. At least a substantial portion of our current means of production has been privatized. @greenrun, i wouldn't mind if you could shed more light in this respect.



It is simply the lack of will by those in the helm of affairs to do the right thing. They simply do not care enough to implement some policies since most are "immune" to the hardships of others. Easy to do when you are not directly affected. They've got their big generators and loads of fuel to power it :)

Since the answer is still what we all are aware of (the greedy nature of our government) and not a technical issue, then its so sad that we are in this mess.

Thanks for the feedback by the way.

Thank you too.

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