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RE: X-ray Radiography : A Cut-section Of You Without Cutting You Open

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Hard and soft X-rays? Never knew there are types of X-rays, besides I never thought all that much is done other than taking the image, no wonder some hospitals take hours before it is ready, in fact some will require you to return the next day.

While I was reading the part where you discussed d danger of excess exposure, I remembered seeing an episode of "A thousand ways to die" where a doctor for a crazy reason left his patient exposed for too long, and the patient also didn't leave the bed for the same crazy reason until the rays fried him.

I've both enjoyed and benefitted greatly from this article. Bravo


X-ray imaging should be like flash running past the sun, and when you decide to walk like a turtle in front of the sun, I guess you know what will happen.

Thanks for the compliments.