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Are you ready for the largest mining farm in the world?

Apollo Energy

A major deal between the big mining companies Northern Bitcoin (which is German, which has been operating in the sustainable Bitcoin mining market since last year) and Whinstone has as its main objective the intention of building what is supposedly called "paradise" of Bitcoin mining.

The interesting fact about this merger (which may even be ironic... depending on each person's interpretation) is that companies are direct competitors, but they are not measuring their efforts to make a big fuss within the world of cryptocurrencies and draw the attention of even more users willing to mine... And apparently, that goal is very likely to be achieved because the idea is valid, it will generate a lot of interest and its scope is very wide.

In a recent statement (you can read it in the meantime by clicking on this link), Northern Bitcoin (which operates a Norwegian mining farm) has already reported that Whinstone is building the facility. The space (spanning over 100 acres in Texas) is expected to have a capacity of about one gigawatt and will be the most promising of North America's data centers.

The first phase of construction (which appears to be at a fast pace) is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020, with a capacity of approximately 300 megawatts. The complete completion is expected to be fully completed in the fourth quarter of the same year (with its first two clients being publicly traded companies).

Plans for the creation of this huge data center include accelerating artificial intelligence applications and video rendering. The idea is that mining is not the only (but most important) attraction of this mega endeavor, because future plans are even more ambitious and with even more innovative aspects.

Strategically designed to be built in the US, this "super farm" was designed and designed to be able to compete directly with China (which is more settled in this respect because of low energy costs and access to cheap hardware... even in an environment with so many legal restrictions) and make the market more competitive.

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