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RE: Python Scripting -- In Blender!

in #stem8 months ago

That's a creative use of the tool. I've not really done anything with Blender, but I know it's very capable. I knew you could use Python with it. I use Python at work, but that's to generate reports from a database for now. I do like it as a language.


Ah yeah, I thought it was a cool idea! Any time I can automate something, I get excited to use Python.

Usually, when I play w/ Blender -- it's just making some fun animations or something like that. But more and more, I think it could be used as a powerful (and free!) engineering tool.

Fun fact -- EXHAUST is built on a Django backend -- so it's pretty much just working with python (with some JS mixed in there). If you're interested in dabbling with some information, I could extend the API so you could pull your data and run some analysis on it.

Ooh, that would be cool. I could do with exploring more aspects of it. There are libraries for everything.