How to grow mushrooms!

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This is a complete course in mycology for the home producer.


That is not an affiliate link, I do not get a cut of the order.

I do, however, get a neighbor with mushrooms if you chose to grow them.

Maybe @papa-pepper will pioneer this for us, too?

I'd grow them myself, but I am much to unstable at the moment.
It does look like a good take with me business, when I go, though.
It has made the list.

If you need a job doing something that doesn't take you away from your steem addiction, too much, this looks perfect to me.

When crypto ends this bitter winter I am on this even tumbling around.

I wonder how long I can store it before I have to use it?


I bet they answer that in the lectures.

If you every wanted to set up a mushroom grow I don't see it getting much more turnkey than this.

If you order one, invite them to sign up here and share their knowledge on the blockchain, eh?

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Imagine what we can accomplish when we work together

Will be like magic! Will feel like free energy! or free productivity! Damn and just wait until we use real free energy.. ! :O

What? You don't just put shit in the dark and come back later, viola mushrooms?


Growing mushrooms is ... not really a pain, but a science lab.
It is not putting some seeds in the soil and seeing what comes up.
That could be deadly.

It is getting good soils, and then sterilizing it.
And then getting ONLY the spores you want into that soil, and keeping any other spores away from it.

People are indeed paying a lot for special mushrooms.
So, it can be a good business.

any good sources on how to sterilize soil?

There are, but i don't have any bookmarked.


I could write a book about it, by now.

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I've done this this year, in big barrels.
Oyster only.

Got pics?
I think this could be a good thing to go around doing.

shaky mobile pics ... wouldn't want to share on steemit, but chat, if you need proof.

I went down that rabbit hole deep last year.

It all worked out ok for me, but as a business it would be hard to market as a product. very short shelf life, unpredictable harvests. unless you go full lab and controlled environment, but then you have to go 100% sterile, too.

I just sterilized straw and woodchips with different methods and used a lot of spawn, just to get a feeling. In the end, other people did most of the harvesting.

Focusing on higher value mushrooms like Maitake and also spend some time and thought on a drying process, would probably be a more solid business.
Selling ready to use vegan eco organic mushroom soup stock powder for profit should work much better than normal culinary mushrooms.

It depends on marketing more than production, as always, I think.

If you want to talk mushrooms though, I know heaps. Join my in chat any time.

Good deal, when i get into position, i will take you up on that.

Good deal, when i get
Into position, i will
Take you up on that.

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