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RE: Introducing Steeve Vote Beneficiaries

in #steeve3 years ago

Interesting new idea!

Since the comment is actually created by @steevebot, the author reward goes to us (curation rewards being disabled for the comment).

If you disable curation rewards by setting allow curation rewards: false in comment_options, that reward will go back to reward pool. Isn't it better to reward the voter?

Am I getting right or there is something else?


Nope, actually it's the other way round. If you vote 0 seconds after the creation of the comment with curation rewards on, all the curation rewards go back to the reward pool (reverse auction). But if you disable curation rewards, everything goes to the author.

We would prefer having curation rewards on, but then the upvote would have to be made 15 minutes later and that's currently a difficult thing to do for us. Hopefully in the future we will be able to do that.

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Thanks for replying. I didn't know that. I though if curation rewards is disabled it goes back to reward pool no matter when you vote.

Now it seems like a solid business plan. Good luck! :)

Hello, my comment has nothing to do with this publication ... I just wanted to know something ... a few months ago I received a message from a robot that said that Hr1 was no longer a witness and that I removed the support on my witness list ... I do not know if it's true and I still have you as a witness ... I really do not know if that affects anything ...

I never ran for a witness, but I think you can approve anybody.. But thanks anyway for your trust! :) If you want to support me, consider checking out @steeveapp :)

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But if you disable curation rewards, everything goes to the author.

We ran some tests on this a while back and discovered that allow_curation_rewards = false doesn't do anything at all.

Thanks for joining in the discussion. When did you make the tests if I may ask? Because allow_curation_rewards = false definitely does something - the post then has total_vote_weight of 0 even with positive votes on.

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Some months ago now; long enough that I don't even remember who it was that started the discussion, except that they thought the same thing as you do - that authors could turn off curation rewards by setting that flag. That's obviously a pretty big deal if true, but it turned out not to be.

However you should definitely do your own testing.