SO beautiful and awesome! thanks for sharing

i liked this comment

Me too, pretty awesome comment, one of the best ones that I've seen today.

beautiful picture my friend, are u ok??

A Picture with a lot of meaning...

i liked this post because it s a wonderful picture

What is that?

what do you have in mind?

Dear @slowwalker , I've been see all your post

I've always admire your ability to show beauty in a simple but delicate and so affectionate way. The pictures you show and how you tell about daily routins and moments were always special.

So congratulations on this new period after this apparent important inflection point. I would also like to congratulate all the people upvote your post for choosing such an special person as you ;).

Best regards from @mouradb

sometimes there is something in one's mind that can't be deleted forever.

Sometimes picture without words,make it has a lot of meaning and gives freedom of thought.

this is a good photo buddy, i like.
my friend has a post about promo-steem in indonesia, help get into my post @slowwalker.

upvote and resteem.

It's a mysterious picture.
I go to see you well. :)

your words have given a meaning to the picture..hope you are aright..there are days where you feel so down and depressed and you are like failing..but don't lose the hope..fight until you if you want but never you quit

I like your stuff as usual 😎

Are you nervous, I see your photo full of twigs ..

I do not know yet what I should think of the photo, it makes me think about it. What do I see in this picture.

There's something really melancholic about this shot. Makes me think of loss and decay for some reason. Yet, there's still some life in it. Nicely captured!

Good post fri

Looks very peaceful. Thanks for sharing

Start from bottom up..
First was cloudy.. you search deeper and found the thing which is making it cloud, you remove the thing, the next destination on top of having a very beautiful, clear mind and thought as the picture on top side.. :) just a try.. :)

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