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Great view!

That is quite the view, so breathtaking the combination of natural beauty and human hand.

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eye- catching photography.thank you for sharing picture

A very beautiful place! Already want to go there ))

Awesome piture again,Where is tha Chejoo island located friend?

beautiful views of the mountains and Buddha statues on CheJoo Island...great post @slowwalker

Nice one @slowwalker. We visited Songaksan on an extremely windy day... The winds were so strong, we felt like we were gonna get blown away any second! The scenery is beautiful, and there are no crowds. Serene and peaceful.

A very beautiful place. It is amazing to be in nature. Thank you for sharing :)

Great shot @slowwalker. Really beautiful. I loved the unique, almost flaky texture and interesting patterns in the mountain. Is there is any fee to visit the temple.

Your posts are so original and easy to read. Thank you! I always wanted to visit your part of the world and somehow through what you are sharing I feel as I am getting a great view of the culture, without the very touristic descrptions and locations.

wow, nice picture. did you see my series.. just a picture...

For how long that Budha have been standing there? Awesome photo.

Wow amazing shot upvoted this photo

This place is so delightful to look and I have never found out about it. Much thanks to you such a great amount for sharing an astounding and magnificent place. I wish I could go there. :)

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That's a huge Buddha. very impressive the whole. nice also the contrast to the blue sky.

This Buddha is so big , like a mountain.

nice place

astonishing so beautiful

Lord Buddha in perfect location ! Super shot !! 👍